Fundraising Challenge Ideas

One of the best ways to raise money for your cause is doing fundraising challenges, so here is a long list of fundraising challenge ideas. World record attempts, extreme fundraisers and other big challenges draw lots of interest from the media, from corporate sponsors, and from the general public.

Fundraising challenge ideas

Properly done, a fundraising challenge is both an epic event and a testimonial to the willpower of the participants to raise money for a good cause. You want pick a unique fundraiser idea that’s doable, yet still very difficult, and especially one that hasn’t been done in your area before.

Fundraising Challenge Event Ideas

  1. Extreme Fun Mud Run – The harder and the muckier, the better!
  2. Over The Edge – Rappel down the side of a skyscraper.
  3. Guinness World Record Attempt – Any world record attempt is noteworthy for local media. Just think outside the box.
  4. Wings Of Kilimanjaro – 200 paragliders soared off Mount Kilimanjaro and the 800-strong support group all climbed the mountain as well.
  5. Ninja Challenge – Build your own extreme obstacle course and make it a huge challenge fundraiser event.
  6. Hunger Games Fundraiser – Katniss and costumes means lots of interest, so build it bigger and better.
  7. Extreme Marathon – Marathons have been run across the Sahara Desert and in Antartica. Make it a tough one and they’ll come.
  8. Scavenger Hunt – Make it extreme. The World’s largest scavenger hunt had almost 15,000 participants.
  9. GPS Challenge – Cross-terrain orienteering by GPS. You can go over mountains, across rivers, and through caves.
  10. North Pole Challenge – It doesn’t get any tougher than this one!
Fundraising challenges: North Pole trek

Fundraising challenge ideas like these are not only a worthy challenge for anyone attempting to raise funds, they are so difficult that corporate sponsors absolutely love them because they are so newsworthy.

Extreme Challenge Fundraising Event Tips

  1. Read up on how to get corporate sponsorships because this is where the big money is in fundraising events.
  2. Select a crowdfunding site with an online fundraising page and a donation widget for use on other social media websites.
  3. Concentrate on getting media coverage with press releases and leveraging social media publicity opportunities.
  4. Provide an efficient donation mechanism that’s easy to use across multiple platforms.
  5. Consider partnering with an experience fundraising challenge company such as
  6. Select an app for tracking your progress via GPS location such as
  7. Contact people of means to solicit individual sponsorships as well.
  8. Hold mini-fundraising events to raise funds to defray initial start-up expenses.