Fundraising Cards

Easy fundraising cards are a great way to raise funds for any group, school club, or youth sports team. With discount card fundraisers, you buy the cards in advance and sell them at retail prices, so there is a substantial upfront expenditure.

Fundraising Discount Cards

However, the large profit margins and incredible popularity of the discount cards makes this an easy fundraiser. There are three main types of fundraiser cards: pizza, fast food, and gold cards.

Pizza Card Fundraiser

Pizza fundraising cards are extremely popular because they offer a free pizza every time you purchase a pizza. Usually, the offer is limited to one year or twenty free pizzas.

Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa Johns are participating chains and their pizza fundraiser cards are always in demand. You don’t buy these from the franchise locations. The cards are available from several companies for roughly $2 to $3 each and retail for $10.

If you’re willing to take a signup form to the local Pizza Hut or Papa Johns for the manager to sign, you can lower your cost to $1 each. Considering the average pizza card fundraiser sells 500 cards, it’s a very profitable approach.

Click here for more details on a pizza card fundraiser.

Fast Food Discount Cards

Fast food chains such as Subway, Quiznos, Blimpies, Burger King, and KFC also participate in discount card fundraising programs at the discretion of their respective franchise owners. Basically, in this type of card fundraiser, you take a merchant agreement to the chain location nearest you and get it signed by the manager or franchise owner.

Offers vary, but usually include a free item with each purchase. For example, a Subway may offer a free drink with each sandwich for up to 18 visits. Or, a Burger King may offer free fries with a sandwich selection during a one year period.

Because the parent company does not mandate participation, it’s up to each location to set the terms of their offer. Usually, the deals aren’t as good as the free pizza offers, but the discount cards sell very well regardless.

Gold Card Fundraiser

Gold card fundraising combines multiple offers from local merchants onto a single discount card. Your group contacts up to a dozen stores and features their respective offers on the back of a gold card.

These combination offers include something for everyone such as oil change discounts, dry cleaning deals, special offers from local restaurants, and free movie or bowling passes.

The front of the card is customized with your group’s logo and fundraising message while the back of the card lists all the offers. It takes a little more effort than some of the other discount cards, but allows you to create a community card with broader appeal.

Card Fund Raising Sales Tips

With fundraising cards, it’s all about sales volume. You get the most sales by selling to the general public, not just to your supporters.

Set up sales tables outside grocery stores, drug stores, home improvement stores, Wal-Mart, local athletic fields, swap meets, etc. Get permission a few days ahead of time. Use large signs that clearly state why you’re raising funds and what the customer gets for their $10.

The whole idea is to pre-sell people as they walk toward the entrance by letting the signs do most of the talking. Make eye contact with those who seem interested and tout the customer benefits in your sales pitch.

For example. “Twenty free pizzas for ten bucks! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Easy Fundraising Cards Summary

A fundraising card offers great customer value and high profit margins for your group. this win/win scenario makes them a great choice for school fundraisers, church youth groups, and youth sports teams.

Choose the type of discount card fundraiser you want to offer, select the best supplier, and start making the kind of profit that most fund raisers only dream about!

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