Fundraisers For Cheerleaders

Since my daughter is a cheerleader, I’m pretty familiar with all the various fundraisers for cheerleaders that are out there. Here are ten ideas for cheer fundraisers that really work.

Five involve selling products and the other five are fundraiser event activities. Most will work at any time of year for cheerleaders in any age range.

Fundraisers For Cheerleaders – Products

These rubber wristbands make a great cheerleading fundraiser because they’re low cost, high profit items that kids love. Available in attractive colors and custom imprinted with your slogan, they cost roughly $0.60 each and sell for $2. Besides school spirit or team slogans, you can also offer popular messages such as Support Our Troops, Help Fight Cancer, or Got Faith? and increase your sales.

Scented candles are another popular cheer fundraiser product due to higher price points and multiple unit sales. The two keys to selling candles are having samples to smell and knowing what to say. “I’m Janet Jones and our cheer squad is raising travel funds for our competition. Can you help us out because these candles really smell great? Cinnamon Apple is my favorite.

Cookie Dough
A perennial favorite because they offer a good family value, cookie dough also generates impressive unit sales at 50% profit margins. The downside is delivery because most varieties require refrigeration. Avoid that by selling the tubs of powdered mix.

Fundraising Cards
Discount cards make a good cheerleading fundraiser because their two-for-one deals on pizza or other fast food items offers a great value. With a retail price of $10 and a cost of $2 in quantity, you can really rack up some profits quickly. Shopping centers are a great place to sell hundreds of cards. Also makes a great supplementary sale item when doing a car wash or other event.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
An easy seller every Saturday at youth sports fields, doughnuts make a great two-hour fundraiser. Set up a table at the entrance with signs saying why you’re raising funds. Watch the boxes disappear because everybody loves having a good excuse to gobble down some fresh doughnuts!

Fundraisers For Cheerleaders Events

Putting together a bowling tournament takes a little work, but it’s a fun event that also offers an opportunity to do some silent auctions of donated goods and services. Or, you can be informal and just make it a bowling party. To guarantee a good turnout, sell tickets in advance.

Car Wash
Everybody does car washes. Why? Because they raise hundreds of dollars in half a day. Keep lines short and attract more customers by working multiple lanes of cars. Make more money by offering other fundraising products like doughnuts or discount cards.

Mini-Golf Tournament
Another cheer fundraiser event that families love, a mini-golf tournament can raise $2,000 or more. Get local businesses to sponsor holes or donate items for silent auctions. Make extra profits by raffling off a big prize. Sell the raffle tickets ahead of time and make even more.

Portrait Fundraiser
Everyone loves to have their picture taken, but many families can’t find the time to get a group portrait done. Make 100% profit on the reservation tickets you sell ahead of time and also get a percentage of pictures ordered. Use a unique twist like offering “antique” photo opportunities with vintage clothing and make even more.

Yard Sale
A big rummage sale can easily net thousands for your cheer group. Works great in the parking lot on Saturday morning before the game. Canvas friends and neighbors for items to sell. Offer pickup service for big items. Make even more by selling the really good stuff on eBay!

Fundraisers For Cheerleaders Summary

You can find more extensive descriptions of these fundraisers on my website. Each one works well for cheer groups because their boundless energy and enthusiasm make them great sales people.

Events require a little more effort to coordinate, but they consistently bring in substantial sums. Combine product sales with your events and raise even more money. Find one that works especially well for your squad and turn it into an annual tradition.