Fundraisers – Index 2

Fundraisers Suppliers Cross-Reference – Index 2 – Cheesecake To Donor Walls

Fundraising suppliers are cross-referenced on the pages listed below for each
fundraiser category. Within each category you will find the name, phone number,
and website address of all the companies that offer that type of fundraiser.

The fundraisers cross-reference is very handy for comparing prices and
locating the fundraising supplier nearest you. In addition, you can also
research those suppliers further in our supplier profiles section. Those
listings include full contact information and brief descriptions of all the
product lines each business carries plus additional details on specific product

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material on this website. You can enjoy unlimited access to all these
fundraising resources on your own computer by picking up your own copy for just $17. All the
material is in PDF format with clickable hot links to all the fundraising
companies, articles, etc.

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Fundraisers: Cheesecake through Donor Walls


Child ID


Chocolate – Gourmet

Chocolate Roses

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Store

Cleaning Supplies

Closeout Merchandise



Coffee Mugs

Coins – Custom

Commemorative Mugs

Commemorative Plates

Computer Match

Computer Accessories

Computer Software



Cookie Dough Fundraisers


Coupon Fundraisers

Coupon On A CD

Credit Cards

Cushions – Stadium



Dinner Theater Fundraisers

Discount Cards – Fundraising

Discount Cards – Brief Duration

Discount Cards – Single Merchant

Dog Tags – Pet Fundraisers

Donated Clothing

Donated Electronics

Donated Goods

Donor Bricks

Donor Walls

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