Fundraiser Ratings

Covers fundraiser financial ratings and allows you to compare potential fundraisers for profitability, ease of success, effort involved, and more. The ratings allow you to compare different fundraisers for your group.

Fundraiser ratings with an emphasis on comparing which are the most profitable, the easiest to do, the effort involved, etc. Compare different fundraiser ideas for your non-profit, church, school or youth group.  This fundraiser material is excerpted from my book, Fundraising Success.

This Section contains an impartial yet subjective ratings system for all the main fundraiser categories.

I’ve used a common methodology to provide an overview of what’s involved. There’s an easy to understand ranking system that assigns a point value to each major component of each type of fundraiser.

Fundraiser Ratings – Index Pages

A – C: Success Ratings for Americana through CD’s (37 categories)

C – D: Success Ratings for Cheesecake through Donor Walls (37 categories)

D – L: Success Ratings for Doughnuts through Lollipops (36 categories)

M – R: Success Ratings for Magazines through Recycling (37 categories)

R – Z: Success Ratings for Religious through Wreaths (36 categories)

Guide to various fundraisers

More than 170 fundraiser types are profiled.  This information will help you determine which fund raiser is right for the current needs and capabilities of your organization.

What fundraiser information is provided?

Each ratings page is comprised of five sections.  They are the description, the financial aspects, the pros & cons, the commitment required, and the overall rating.

The description section provides an overview of this type of fund raiser.

It will tell you the following:

Description: A paragraph or two with the gist of this particular type of fundraiser’s main features.

Category: Donation, Immediate Sale, Catalog Sale, or Event  

Best Suited For: Small, Medium, Large, or All groups 

Prospective Customers: Notes on the customers targeted and the relative size of that market 

Comments: Any additional relevant information goes here 

Feel Good Rating: My assessment of how everyone involved feels about this particular fundraiser.

The Feel Good Rating relates to the overall quality of the offering and the reception that it receives from prospective customers and from the participants themselves.  The higher the rating, the more enthusiastic your sales group and clients will be about the product being offered.

Enthusiasm translates into results.  Ratings are of course subjective, but relevant to your organization.  A five star rating is our highest level.

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