Fundraiser Sales Tips

This article on fundraiser sales tips provides advice for selling more fundraising products by following a proven sales script. Not everyone is a born salesperson. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little constructive mental preparation. Consider this a 10-step action plan for increasing your product sales revenue.

Fundraising Sales Tips:

  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Maximize the value of your time
  • Get in front of as many prospects as possible
  • Offer good value to the customer
  • Make it easy to buy
  • Increase profit margins
  • Get referrals
  • Have alternate product offering
  • Recommend a favorite
  • Always ask for the order

Fundraising Sales Script

  1. The first thing you always do in any type of sales situation – even before you open your mouth to say anything – is to smile and make eye contact. That way your sales prospect subconsciously becomes more receptive to what you are about to say.
  2. When selling fundraising products, you always want to maximize the value of your time. Either have the products with you or have the product catalog and order sheet in hand.
  3. You always want to get in front of as many prospects as possible and the best way to do that is to set up a sales table in a high-traffic location such as a supermarket entrance.
  4. Offering good value to your customer is always important, even if you are just selling candy. You can offer a discount for larger purchases or include a flyer of discount coupons from local businesses.
  5. Make it easy to buy by displaying your wares and offering free samples. If its a catalog sale, offer to fill the form out yourself as the customer points out what they want.
  6. You can increase your profit margins by offering a secondary product such as a pizza discount card. That way you always have an alternative if they say no or something to add to the sale once they are ready to buy.
  7. After the sale, always ask them if there is someone else you can contact that might be interested in your fundraising product offering.
  8. Having an alternative product to offer is one of the best ways to counter the objection of them not liking the first product you are promoting.
  9. Always recommend a favorite while your prospect is perusing the goods because its a natural ice breaker and gets them thinking in terms of what their favorite item is.
  10. In product sales, you always want to ask for the order because then its that much harder for them to just say no.

A great way to ask for the order is to use two short sentences that remind them of your fundraising need and include some powerful psychological trigger phrases – asking for help and saying “because’.

Example help request: “We need your help because our team needs new uniforms.

Example close: “Can you help us meet our goal?

You aren’t directly asking them to buy anything. You are simply reminding them of your fundraising “need” and stating generally that you need their help.

You always use the word “because” when asking for help since it is an extremely powerful psychological motivation. It provides the internal justification needed for doing something when you then ask for an action by saying “Can you help us…

So, those are the ten fundraising product sales tips that will help your group raise more funds.

And remember to follow the sales law of large numbers: The more people that say no to you, the more sales that you will actually make. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many people said no. It only matters how many people said yes.

And those are my ten fundraising sales tips!