Fundraiser Preparation

No matter what your resources, the key to fundraising success is to compose and follow a plan of action. Your plan must be your own design. It must detail how you will meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.

Your plan should identify and combat your weaknesses while leveraging your strengths. It should contain specific timelines for addressing weaknesses and implementing improvements. Your plan should also clearly define success from your own perspective.

Advance preparation is crucial to your fundraising success. Besides deciding what type of fundraiser you’re doing and getting the word out early, what else do you need to do to prepare?

Quite a bit actually.

Preparation involves thinking through all the various stages of fundraising activity. Once you’ve thought everything through, you need to put it in writing.

That written documentation simplifies the various process stages of your fundraiser by providing clear and concise instructions on what to do.

Fundraiser preparation includes:

  1. Advance planning
  2. Business focus
  3. Written documentation
  4. Recruiting volunteers
  5. Personnel assignments
  6. Communication process

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