Fundraiser Cards

Fundraiser Cards – Selling fundraising discount cards is an easy fundraiser for groups of all sizes. Essentially, you pre-purchase a quantity of savings cards at a low cost – usually around $2 each – and sell them at retail for around $10 each.

Raise Money With Fundraising Cards

There are two main types of fundraiser cards – a single merchant discount card that’s usually a two-for-one deal and a multi-merchant discount card providing special deals at ten to fifteen local merchants.

The single merchant fundraising discount cards are usually for national chains like Papa Johns, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Subway, Dairy Queen, Blimpies, etc. Each card provides either a two-for-one food offer such as buy one large pizza and get a medium pizza free or a special freebie with purchase like the Subway card which offers a free drink with purchase of a sub sandwich.

The multi-merchant discount card is usually “branded” to your school, youth sports group, etc. and provides special discounts at selected area merchants such as $5 off on an oil change, a free ice cream cone with purchase, and similar offers.

The main advantage of the single merchant fundraiser cards is that suppliers arrange the discount program with franchisees of a national chain, so you don’t have to spend time lining up deals from merchants. Plus, the concept is pretty straightforward which makes the sales pitch for the discount card pretty easy to do.

The main advantage of the multi-merchant discount cards is that there is usually something that appeals to everyone and there is a high perceived value to the combination of offers.

Both types of cards have restrictions on the number of times a patron can use the fundraiser card and which locations of a national chain will honor the offer.

The great thing about raising money with fundraising cards is that they practically sell themselves. The key is to get in front of as many prospects as possible and that means setting up sales tables at high-traffic retail locations such as grocery stores, drug stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

Get permission from the store manager ahead of time, create some colorful signs explaining IN BIG LETTERS what your fundraiser card offers the customer, and work the sales table in two-hour shifts on weekends.

You can sell several hundred discount cards in a single day at a good location. Work multiple locations and maximize your fundraising profits.

And those are some of the great ways to raise money with fundraiser cards.