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Financial success ratings for all the main fundraiser categories. Impartial yet subjective ratings system for fundraisers from Americana through CD’s. Allows you to compare different fundraiser ideas for your non-profit, church, school or youth group.

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Fundraiser – Americana through CD (37 Categories)

Americana Fundraiser

Amish Fundraiser

Aquatic Races Fundraiser

Armchair Horse Races Fundraiser

Art Fundraiser

Athlet-A-Thon Fundraiser

Auction Fundraiser

Audio Books Fundraiser

Backpacks Fundraiser

Bags Fundraiser

Batteries Fundraiser

Beads Fundraiser

Book Fair Fundraiser

Books Fundraiser

Books – Personalized Children’s Fundraiser

Brick Fundraiser

Bumper Stickers Fundraiser

Calendar Fundraiser

Calendars – Custom Fundraiser

Camera Fundraiser

Cameras – Custom Logo Fundraiser

Candle Fundraiser

Candles – Commemorative Fundraiser

Candy Fundraiser

Candy – Case Fundraiser

Candy – Catalog Fundraiser

Candy – Gourmet Fundraiser

Car Raffle Fundraiser

Car Smash Fundraiser

Car Wash Fundraiser

Cards – Discount Fundraiser

Cards – Greeting Fundraiser

Cards – Scratch Fundraiser

Carnival Fundraiser

Catalog Fundraiser

CD – Educational Fundraiser

CD – Music Fundraiser

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