Fund Raising Ideas

Fund raising ideas and sales tips for getting the best results from your efforts. These fundraising ideas are lengthy excerpts from my book – Fundraising Success and are guaranteed to help your group improve your bottom line.

Improving Your Fund Raising Results

101 Fund Raising Tips – Boost results with organization, the right incentives, and preparation.

Location – A good fundraising location can generate big profits – How to find the best fundraising locations and work them for maximum fund raising profits.

Charity Fundraising – Overview of a dozen charity fund raising methods – Common mistakes non-profit groups make when asking for donations.

Fundraising Ideas – Five easy ways to increase your nonprofit fundraising results with little or no extra work.

12 Sales Secrets – How to boost your fundraising sales results with twelve sales secrets.

Fundraising Event Tips – Tips on raising maximum funds at your next event – Easy to follow fundraising event tips for getting publicity and sellout crowds eager to support your cause.

Organizing Charity Events – Advice on how to organize a special charity event for your nonprofit – Organizational tips and planning suggestions.

Fundraising Events – Three profitable fundraising events for small group or school fundraising – Fundraiser event ideas that are quick and easy – Fundraising events you can do in a weekend.

Event Ideas – Part 1 – Includes Auction, Group Dinner, Dinner Theater, and School Athlet-A-Thon.

Event Ideas – Part 2 – Funny Beauty Pageant, Mondo Yard Sale, and Charity Golf Tournament.

Event Ideas – Part 3 – Musical Theater, Night At The Races, Bed Race cancer fundraiser event.

Planning A Charity Golf Tournament – How to raise more funds with a charity golf event – Tips for planning a charity golf tournament – Publicity, prizes, pledges and planning ahead are crucial.

Publicity – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful event fundraising.

Make It Fun – Simple ways to make fund raising a fun activity for everyone.

Food Fundraisers – How to quickly boost your profits when fundraising with food items.

Successful Fundraisers – Boost results with organization, quality incentives, and sales preparation.

School Fundraising Ideas – Three great high school fundraising ideas based on simple fundraiser products.

Organize School Fundraiser – Quick tips on organizing your school efforts by planning ahead.

Organizing a School Fundraiser – Part 2 – Here are some other things to consider.

Merchant Plan – How to put together a successful merchant plan for long-term fundraising success.

Tried and True Fundraisers – These old standbys always produce good results for any-size group.

Earth Friendly Fundraisers – Three environmentally friendly fundraisers – organic chocolate, printer cartridge recycling, and community trash cleanup, aka trash bag fundraiser.

Band Fundraisers – Proven band fund-raising ideas for maximum profits – Band fundraisers that produce big results – Quick and easy band fundraising ideas.

What’s In It For Me – In fundraising, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”

Fundamentals – How to increase community awareness of both your fundraising need and your fundraising offering, thereby boosting your results.

Common Mistakes – Excerpt from Fundraising Success on common fundraising mistakes and how to avoid them.

Maximize Your Fundraising Results – Ten quick tips on improving your fundraising results – Easy fundraiser profit boosters.

Church Fundraising – Church fundraisers for capital campaigns – Church fundraising through donor recognition – Church fundraisers that produce quick results.