Fun Raising Friday 12

Here we go with another look at fun fundraisers ideas from across the country. Check out these fun fundraising events that other groups are using to raise funds.

Fun Raising Friday – 10 Fun Fundraisers

The best fundraiser events are those where everybody has a good time and there are lots of activities to enjoy. This weeks Fun Raising Friday winners are great examples of what to strive for when putting together your next charity event.

DramaRama Fundraiser – The Asheville, NC Community Theater has organized “DramaRama” – a weeklong series of fundraising events aimed at raising $40,000 to fund programs. Activities include Costume Drama where local designers create unique clothes and stage a fashion show, Theater Trivia Night, Karaoke Night, Story Telling Night, Sing-A-Long Movie Night, a production of Bark! The Musical, and a variety show called Asheville Night Live.

Wingstock Festival – A York, PA non-profit is hosting Wingstock, a fun fundraising event featuring a chicken wing contest between 20 vendors, wing eating contest, hot dog eating contest, a youth talent show, live music, and a community baseball game. Other fun events include a family-friendly chicken bowling game where the pins are artfully decorated as chickens and a game of egg roulette. In egg roulette, each competitor gets 5 eggs, four that are hard boiled and one raw egg. Roulette losers end up with egg on their face.

Mud Volleyball Tournament – The West Des Moines, IA fire department hosted a mud volleyball tournament fundraiser with 32 teams battling it out in the mud for the championship trophy. Think beach volleyball except with a whole lot of wet, sloppy mud instead of sand.

Pancake Breakfast & Family Carnival – Another fun fundraiser twist by taking a traditional pancake breakfast fundraiser and adding fun activities for the whole family. Activities include face painting, sidewalk chalk artists, carnival games, toilet paper shot put and canned food discus. The fundraiser in Shawnee, KS raises funds for Christmas presents for needy families.

Powerboating For A Cure – Nearly 100 powerboats in Norfolk, VA staged the 5th annual Powerboating For A Cure Poker Run. The event was coordinated by the Mid-Atlantic Powerboating Association and raised $35,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Don’t Stop Believing BBQ/Bandfest/Raffle – Cancer fundraiser for an individual in Burlington, NC blends fun time with a Battle Of The Bands, a barbecue fundraiser, raffle, $10 admission, and t-shirt sales.

Ribbon Of Life HIV/AIDS Fundraiser – Star-studded entertainment fundraiser in Las Vegas raises $154,000 to help people living with AIDS or HIV in Southern Nevada. In addition to the fundraising spectacular, Golden Rainbow hosted a silent auction with exclusive prizes including tickets to some of Las Vegas’ top shows, dinner at the city’s best restaurants, and trips to premier destinations.

Non-birthday Party Dog Wash Fundraiser – For the third year in a row, a 14-year old girl forgoes having a birthday party for herself and instead holds a dog wash fundraiser with her friends to raise $1,000 for the Austin, TX zoo and animal sanctuary.

Water Balloon Fight Fundraiser –  Another fun fundraisers idea was “Aquapalooza” – a water balloon fight/capture the flag competition in Tyler, TX which raised funds for the local non-profit group People Attempting To Help.

Jello Slide Cancer Fundraiser – Fun fundraising event on Long Island, NY raised money for the Long Island Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Their 27th Annual  Gello Slide benefit let participants who raised at least $250 (or students who participated in the “Pennies For Patients” program) slide into 1,500 gallons of freezing cold industrial Gello and then get hosed down by the local fire department. Each of the costume-clad sliders were announced by an emcee who shared their personal connection with the cause and their fundraising story with the crowd.

Hope you enjoyed this look at another batch of fun fundraisers ideas!