For Your School Fundraising

Looking for an easy idea for your school fundraising? Look no further, this one is effortless and lasts for the entire school year. It works great for schools that have school uniforms, but can also work for any school.

If your school has uniforms, each student can pay whatever amount you specify ($2 or so works well) for the privilege of observing casual Friday. Certainly in these days of sagging pants and micro-mini skirts, the rules would have to be clarified well so that dress codes are observed.

However, this has taken off as a big money maker for parochial schools, private schools, and public schools that have uniforms.

Kids will gladly hand over their money to be able to show off that cool new outfit at school. With so many businesses moving to casual Friday dress codes, this gives students something to look forward to every week with little effort on the part of volunteers, teachers, and administrators.

You might also find that the kids who continually complain about their school uniforms don’t dislike them quite so much anymore.

To make sure the cash cow continues to bring in the money, some type of checklist would have to be developed. Whether students pay their money early in the week in anticipation of casual Friday, or money is collected that day would be a decision to make.

If money is collected early, a checklist of who has the privilege could be distributed to teachers. Homeroom or 2nd period teachers could check their list to make sure those who aren’t paying aren’t participating.

Soon, every student will be on that list! Don’t check during 1st period classes since late arrivals won’t be checked from the list.

This could also work for schools that do not have uniforms. Every month, students could pay, say $5, to wear pajamas on the last Friday of the month. Again, strict dress code rules would have to be spelled out.

Many schools are becoming more and more concerned dress codes. Sometimes hats, scarves, certain color combinations that imply gang affiliation, and so on must be disallowed.

Be sure to check what your school’s rules are before lining up a fundraiser like this. It’s easier to administer at the elementary school level, but if it’s done properly, it can work at the middle and high school levels too.

Do this in conjunction with your other school fundraisers, and there will be a significant boost to your bottom line.