Food Truck Fundraiser Ideas

A food truck fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it doesn’t take a lot of work to set up a contest for top food truck in your area. The basic premise of this fundraising event is that it’s a battle of the food trucks and there will be a whole lot of good fun and great food.

Food truck fundraiser

You’ll want to schedule your event for when its convenient for the food trucks to be there. Most of them work the lunch and dinner crowds during the week, so a Saturday afternoon might be your best bet. Be sure to check with the food truck owners with possible dates to ensure they can all make it.

To convince the food truck owners to compete – and help raise money for your cause – you need four things: a high-traffic location, lots of publicity, some local celebrity judges, and a big crowd.

You can also do a food truck competition in conjunction with another event such as tailgating time a big football game or music concert. Or, you can make yours a destination event of its own. Check local media for scheduled events in your area so you can either piggyback on one or avoid major conflicts.

Picking a high-traffic location is a must because you’ll need a large parking area for all the food trucks and customer’s vehicles, plus it has to be an easy location to find. Consider locations like a fairgrounds, a high-school parking lot, a large shopping center, or a closed-off section of downtown.

You’ll want lots of room for additional fun activities like live music, craft beer sales, silent auctions, live auctions, judging area, etc.

You can raise money by selling tickets ahead of time and then onsite the day of the event for a higher price. Arrange for donations of goods and services that you can auction off, either live on the stage or in silent auctions.

So, how do you attract a big crowd to your food truck fundraiser? By getting lots of publicity in print media, radio and TV. And don’t forget word of mouth and online media as well.

To boost publicity, come up with a catchy name for your food truck contest such as Food Truck Smackdown or Battle Of The Food Trucks.

Getting some local celebrities as food judges will help create a good publicity angle, plus the judges can also put the word out on Twitter and Facebook for fans to come to the event.

Do a press release for your event and make sure you bring it to the attention of the various local media outlets. Create a Facebook page several weeks in advance of your event and get people buzzing about the competition.

Have the food truck owners add a flyer to their order counters promoting the food truck competition asking their customers to come and vote for them. In short, do everything you can to get people excited about your event and making plans to be there.

And that’s how to put together a food truck fundraiser.