Fire Walk Fundraising

Another adventurous fundraiser event is fire walk fundraising where you walk across a bed of hot coals in your bare feet. While its not for the faint of heart, fire walking is actually a safe and exhilarating experience.

Sounds scary right? A fire walk fundraiser is all about conquering your fears and learning mental techniques that enable you to master mind over matter situations.

The first fire walk fundraising event was organized in 1977 by Tolly Burkan, who created the Fire Walking Institute of Research and Development (F.I.R.E) which trains fire walking instructors. Graduates of this training course include motivational guru Tony Robbins, Andrew Weil and Peggy Dylan.

Scientists say that what keeps feet from burning during a fire walk is the low heat conductivity of ash-covered coals. According to Burkan, good blood circulation helps keep the fire walker’s feet from blistering — so long as the walker is relaxed enough to allow strong blood flow and keeps walking.

“What controls the ability to fire walk is more than physics, it’s your state of mind,” Burkan said in an interview. Everyone agrees that the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training allows  people to believe they can do it safely and take that fist step and keep moving quickly.

Fire walks  are designed to deliver mind expanding experiences for the individuals and groups that particpate , as well as bringing teams together to raise huge amounts for charities while enjoying the thrill of a lifetime!

To organize your own fire walk fundraiser event, contact a F.I.R.E. certified organization that will provide the NLP training for participants as well as building the fire walk pit itself. These companies provide everything as a package that includes the instructors, fire safety personnel, and the liability insurance.

These events have excellent safety records with many firms reporting they have never had so much as a blister on any participants. Problems do occur however if people don’t pay attention during the training seminar because that is what keeps them safe from burns.

As with any fundraising challenge event, money is raised by participants who get sponsor pledges from family and friends for their fire walk for charity. The event is really all about learning to face your fears. Fire walkers are not hypnotized during the instructional seminar, they are simply guided to the right frame of mind for facing an intense challenge.

Fire Walk Fundraising Video

This video is from a fire walk done to raise funds for the Zoological Society of London. Notice how calm and confident each fire walker is as they cross the glowing coals in their bare feet.

Fire Walk Fundraiser Tips

Use an online fundraising site such as EventBrite to sell event tickets and host individual fundraising pages so that each participant can collect pledges online. Use other fundraising activities such as raffles and silent auctions to raise more funds at the event itself.

Use social media and press releases to publicize your event. And don’t forget that eye-catching posters and flyers will also help to draw a bigger crowd to your fire walk.

Just remember, stay calm and fire walk!