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Unique fundraising event ideas with an emphasis on raising more funds from your fundraiser events. To raise the maximum amount from your event, be sure to follow our tips on using multiple raffles and multiple auction formats.

Fundraising events which raise a lot of money are usually fun event ideas that attract a big crowd. The more fun your event is, the bigger the attraction. That doesn't mean that the crowd will just show up on its own, so remember to target your publicity efforts towards both traditional media and social media channels.

Discover 12 ways to raise more money at your next fundraising event.

Learn how to promote your fundraising event on social media, in the mainstream media with press releases with your email and mailing lists, and through word of mouth.

Check out these ideas for successful fundraising events.

Masquerade Ball Fundraiser

Hosting a masquerade ball fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it gives your supporters a fun and glamorous night out with a blend of elegance and mystery. Its essentially a “dress up night” for adults where everyone can dress to the nines, enjoy fine food and wines, dance to some great music […]

Cow Chip Fundraiser Raffle

What exactly is a cow chip fundraiser? It’s a country-style fundraising event that combines guessing where a cow pie will land with raising funds for your favorite charity, school or church.Turn the cow chip bingo fundraiser event into a big party and include multiple fundraising activities. You’ll be amazed at how much you can raise!Cow […]

Karaoke Fundraiser

Tired of the same old- same old when it comes to fundraising? Why not consider a karaoke fundraiser, that is, host a Karaoke Night for your next fundraiser.A “No Talent” Show Raises Funds FastThis type of fund raiser works great for many types of groups that need to raise funds. Church youth groups have found […]

Jingle Bell Walk

A fun fundraiser for the holiday season is doing a Jingle Bell Walk for your favorite cause. It can be a great fundraising event for a school, church group, medical research, or any other nonprofit group.Raise Funds With A Jingle Bell Walk FundraiserThe basic premise is very simple. You gather a group of people who […]

Jingle Bell Run Fundraiser

A fun fundraiser for the holiday season is a Jingle Bell Run. This fundraising event is similar to hosting a regular running competition except everyone attaches a set of Christmas jingle bells to their shoelaces.Jingle Bell Run Fundraising Fun RunThis type of fundraiser works well for cause-based fundraising such as funding medical research, animal shelters, […]

Charity Events

Looking to boost revenue from your charity events or searching for some new charity event ideas? Here are some ideas for charity events along with tips on how to increase turnout, implement additional fundraising strategies, and drive your bottom line by adding raffles and silent auctions to your event.While an idea like organizing a cow […]

Chair-ity Fundraiser

This is an easy fundraiser idea for any group, whether it’s a school, church, nonprofit, or cause-related organization. Doing a chair-ity fundraiser is so simple, and yet so profitable, that you’ll be amazed at your results.You see, a chair-ity fundraiser revolves around fundraising with chairs, new or used, it doesn’t matter. What matters is simply […]

Casino Night Fundraiser

Putting together a charity fundraising event like a Casino Night Fundraiser can be a lot of work unless you’re well organized. Events like these often include live entertainment, a catered dinner, live and silent auctions, sponsorships, ticket sales, tax deductible donations, and a host of other details that require plenty of advance planning.The plus side […]

Bowling Fundraiser Ideas

A bowling fundraiser is another fun way to raise funds. This group bowling event is simple to put together. Simply arrange with a bowling alley to rent a group of lanes, or the entire building, and start soliciting teams.Raise Funds By Bowling For BucksOne way to raise a lot of funds is to charge a […]

Bake Sale Fundraiser

A bake sale fundraiser is a great way for church groups, clubs, and elementary school groups to raise much needed funds. A bake sale is easy to put together and with a little extra effort, you can turn yours into a fun event.The basic premise is that everyone in the group brings in homemade baked […]

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Putting together a pancake breakfast fundraiser is a tried and true method for raising funds for any worthy cause. The two most important things to do are to draw the largest possible crowd and include extra ways to raise as much money as you can from each attendee.Extra Profit Tips for a Pancake BreakfastFor your […]

Fundraising Activities

Here is a list of fundraising activities for small groups, non-profit organizations or individuals. These activities can easily be done with just a few volunteers to help coordinate your fundraising event.Fundraising Activities & Event IdeasActivities – Ideas and tips for various fundraising activities – The real thing about fundraising.Art Raffle – Putting together an art […]

Fundraising Event Ideas

Looking for some new fundraising event ideas? Here are some articles on excellent fundraiser events that are easy to put together. Each article includes profit tips for maximizing your revenue.Also, turnout is extremely important to having a successful event, so be sure to follow the advice on getting lots of publicity for your fundraisers.Fundraiser EventsCharity […]

Fundraising Events – Part 3

In the previous articles in this series about fundraising events, I’ve talked about the ongoing search for fundraiser event ideas that:Are easy to doDon’t cost a lotMake a lot of moneyIt’s also been previously mentioned that there are no perfect fundraising events, i.e. one that fits into all three categories.This article follows with further recommendations […]

Fundraising Events – Part 2

As I mentioned in the previous article about fundraising events, this follow-up article will delve into special fundraising events packages offered by suppliers.All of these are covered in my book, Fundraising Success!, so my comments will be short and to the point about these pre-packaged event offerings.The first article in this series talked about the […]

Fundraising Events – Part 1

Among the fundraising event questions that I hear constantly are:“Which fundraising events don’t cost a lot?” “What ones are easy to do?” “Which ones make the most money?”And what’s the answer to those three questions?It depends!That’s right. There is no one answer, no “one size fits all” solution.Fundraising events vary tremendouslyThese type of fundraisers will […]

Fundraising Event Tips

Here are some fundraising event tips on raising more money when you do an event. The two keys are attracting a big crowd and providing multiple ways for them to support your group.Fundraising Event Tips: Draw A Big CrowdGetting publicity Media coverage is essential to drawing a big crowd. Step one is putting together a […]


These fundraising events work well for any size group. To maximize your success, you must create awareness within the community of both your fundraising events specifics and the reason why you are raising funds.Both are important to any fundraiser, but they are absolutely critical for successful fundraising events.You have to generate enough publicity to draw […]

Mystery Dinner Theater Fundraiser

A murder mystery dinner theater fundraiser is a fun way to raise funds for small groups or non-profit organizations. Here’s how to host a murder mystery as a fundraising event. First, you need a location and that choice of venue is critical to your success.Murder Mystery FundraiserYour location must combine good food with exclusive use […]

Fundraising Events

These three fundraising events work well for any size group. To maximize your success, you must create awareness within the community of the specifics of your fundraising event and the reason why your group is raising funds.Both are important to any fundraiser, but they are absolutely critical for pulling off a successful event. You have […]