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Unique fundraising event ideas with an emphasis on raising more funds from your fundraiser events. To raise the maximum amount from your event, be sure to follow our tips on using multiple raffles and multiple auction formats.

Fundraising events which raise a lot of money are usually fun event ideas that attract a big crowd. The more fun your event is, the bigger the attraction. That doesn't mean that the crowd will just show up on its own, so remember to target your publicity efforts towards both traditional media and social media channels.

Discover 12 ways to raise more money at your next fundraising event.

Learn how to promote your fundraising event on social media, in the mainstream media with press releases with your email and mailing lists, and through word of mouth.

Check out these ideas for successful fundraising events.

Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser

Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser – On January 27th 2013, an intrepid team of 200 paragliders and their passengers will launch from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in a fundraising event to raise $1 million dollars for East African charities.  Organized by Australian adventure enthusiast Adrian McRae, their fundraiser activity is called Wings of Kilimanjaro.The sheer […]

Ninja Challenge Fundraiser

The Ninja Challenge fundraiser is a 5k run filled with challenges designed to bring out your inner ninja. This fundraising event was put together as a benefit for the Red Cross and is a great example of a unique idea converted into a fundraiser.Obstacle Course FundraiserThe obstacle course is definitely challenging: it includes a 12-foot […]

Spelling Bee Fundraiser

A fun way to raise funds is to put together a spelling bee fundraiser and host it in front of a large crowd. You’ll need to get plenty of publicity to maximize your turnout and provide plenty of ways for people to get involved.A spelling bee fundraiser is just what it sounds like – a […]

Skeet Shoot Fundraiser

Using a skeet shoot fundraiser to raise money is a unique fundraising idea that has a wider appeal then you might think. While many people have never fired a shotgun, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want to give it a try, particularly if its a fun event for a good cause.So, step one is […]

Shooting Range Fundraiser

Having a shooting range fundraiser can be a good idea for small groups as it can raise a lot of money while providing a fun and entertaining activity. While the idea of going to a gun range to practice shooting may not appeal to everyone, it can be a good fit for a small group […]

Food Truck Fundraiser Ideas

A food truck fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it doesn’t take a lot of work to set up a contest for top food truck in your area. The basic premise of this fundraising event is that it’s a battle of the food trucks and there will be a whole lot of […]

Craft Beer Fundraiser

One fundraising event that draws a big crowd and raises a lot of money is a craft beer fundraiser or Brewfest. Craft beer festivals are already a popular draw with over 3,00 of them scheduled in the U.S. in 2016.Putting together a craft beer festival as a fundraiser works just like any other fundraising event. […]

Bingo Fundraiser

Everybody loves playing games of chance and winning prizes, so a Bingo fundraiser is an easy moneymaker. This fun event works well for schools, church groups, and nonprofit organizations.Fundraising With Bingo GamesBingo Fundraiser – Getting started A bingo fundraiser is very easy to put together. All you need is a large room with lots of […]

How To Do An Archery Fundraiser

An archery fundraiser uses competition to make a great fundraising activity and will draw a lot of interest from the younger crowd due to the incredible popularity of the Hunger Games books and movies. You can do this as a standalone fundraiser or as part of a larger event.Because not everyone is going to be […]

Hunger Games Fundraiser

In the Hunger Games fundraiser, contestants compete in four events to become the grand champion. Inspired by the incredibly popular Hunger Games books and movies, this unique fundraising event combines an archery competition, shooting range, obstacle course and a willingness to eat weird foods. Depending on the number of competitors, you can do the events […]

Mini Golf Fundraiser

Hosting a mini golf tournament is a great fundraiser for school clubs, youth sports teams, church groups, and cheerleading squads. It’s great fun and done right, a mini golf fundraiser can raise considerable funds.Mini Golf Tournament Profit TipsGetting started You will need to arrange a place to play and that’s best done well in advance. […]

Charity Poker Tournament

Another fun way to raise funds is hosting a charity poker tournament featuring the wildly popular Texas Hold’em. Many nonprofit groups and schools have replaced traditional fundraising events with a fun evening of Texas Hold’em because these poker tournaments draw big crowds and produce a substantial profit.Raising Funds With Texas Hold’emGetting started Here’s how to […]

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Looking for tips on organizing a wine tasting fundraiser? Here are some quick and easy ideas on organizing your fundraising event in order to maximize your proceeds.Wine Tasting Fundraiser EventObviously, a wine-tasting event needs wine experts, so begin by seeking suitable merchant partnerships based not only on expertise, but also access to the best wines. […]

Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser

Hosting a whiskey tasting fundraiser event is a great way for nonprofits to raise funds. An adult evening out learning about the differences between whiskey varieties from local experts is a fun experience. Plus, if it’s done correctly, this type of fundraiser event can generate a lot of revenue.You’ll need a good place to host […]

Mardi Gras Fundraiser

Looking for a fun fundraising event to raise money for your nonprofit, church, or favorite cause? A Mardi Gras Fundraiser could be just the thing.New Orleans Style Fundraising EventThe basic premise is fairly simple – a fun night where adults can enjoy good music and great food while letting their hair down with some outrageous […]

Lip Sync Fundraiser

Putting together a lip sync fundraiser for your school is easy and fun. All you need is a good sound system, an auditorium to use, and people willing to have a good time for a good cause.Fun School FundraiserThe premise is simple – participants mime the vocals of popular music while performing onstage in front […]

Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Looking for tips on planning a charity golf tournament fundraiser? There are many factors to consider, so I’ll stick to the main ones for this article. The success of your charity golf event revolves around maximizing player turnout, increasing pledge sizes, obtaining sponsored prizes, and choosing the right tournament play format.Hosting A Golf Event For […]

Golf Fundraiser

A great warm-weather fundraising event is a golf fundraiser. Hosting your own golf tournament is actually fairly easy and if done right, you can raise a significant amount of money. Here are some tips for maximizing your results.Fund Raiser Golf TournamentBig turnout Obviously, the bigger the crowd, the better you’ll do with your tournament. Promote […]

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

A spaghetti dinner fundraiser is a tried and true fundraising event, but many groups overlook additional profit opportunities. Just putting together the spaghetti dinner is not enough.You need to give people a strong reason to attend and then you have to provide them with multiple ways to help raise the needed funds. Here are some […]

Planning A Charity Golf Tournament

Looking for tips on planning a charity golf tournament? There are many factors to consider, so I’ll stick to the four main ones for this article. The success of your charity golf event revolves around maximizing player turnout, increasing pledge sizes, obtaining sponsored prizes, and choosing the right tournament play format.Hosting A Charity Golf EventPlayer […]