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Unique fundraising event ideas with an emphasis on raising more funds from your fundraiser events. To raise the maximum amount from your event, be sure to follow our tips on using multiple raffles and multiple auction formats.

Fundraising events which raise a lot of money are usually fun event ideas that attract a big crowd. The more fun your event is, the bigger the attraction. That doesn't mean that the crowd will just show up on its own, so remember to target your publicity efforts towards both traditional media and social media channels.

Discover 12 ways to raise more money at your next fundraising event.

Learn how to promote your fundraising event on social media, in the mainstream media with press releases with your email and mailing lists, and through word of mouth.

Check out these ideas for successful fundraising events.

Touch A Truck Fundraiser Event

Another fun fundraising idea is to hold a Touch A Truck Fundraiser which is just a really fun event for kids and their families to explore giant trucks, earth movers, ambulances, drilling rigs, and other massive mobile machines. And of course, a touch a truck event also works well as a fundraiser for youth sports […]

Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Another great fundraising party theme is hosting a luau fundraiser to raise funds for your cause. A luau-themed fundraiser is great for small groups because its easy to put together and can be held in a variety of settings ranging from a community pool to a large indoor event space.You can make your luau party […]

Paintball Fundraiser

Another fun fundraising idea for small groups and sports teams is doing a paintball fundraiser tournament to raise money. Like many other sports-themed events, a paintball team competition is fun way to fundraise for a cause or an individual in need.Doing a paintball team fundraiser tournament is surprisingly easy because most paintball facilities provide rental […]

Used Book Sale Fundraiser

A used book sale fundraiser is a very easy fundraising idea that works well for small groups, schools or churches. A book sale is a great way to raise funds without much upfront cost, so let’s take a look at how to do a used book sale to raise money for your cause.This type of […]

10 Tips For Bringing Your Fundraising Event To Life

Fundraising article that will improve your nonprofit group’s performance in your next fundraiser.

Fire Walk Fundraising

Another adventurous fundraiser event is fire walk fundraising where you walk across a bed of hot coals in your bare feet. While its not for the faint of heart, fire walking is actually a safe and exhilarating experience.Sounds scary right? A fire walk fundraiser is all about conquering your fears and learning mental techniques that […]

How To Do A Pinterest Fundraiser

A unique fundraising idea you should consider is doing a Pinterest fundraiser. These Pinterest fundraising ideas involve creating an event around how to do everything on Pinterest, so its definitely going to appeal to women, but you can also add some things that will appeal to men as well.So, how do you build a fundraising […]

500 Silent Auction Basket Ideas

If you are looking for some silent auction basket ideas, here are 500 ideas for basket themes and fun names for your auction baskets. Browse hundreds of auction basket ideas for men, teens, kids, teachers, fun nights and more.These silent auction themes and categories should help provide the creative spark needed to come up with […]

Diva Night Fundraising Event

A truly fun fundraiser for women is a Diva Night fundraising event because primping, pampering and partying is always a good time. These type of fundraisers are great for Relay For Life, women’s groups, charity events, breast cancer fundraising events and any other cause that women are passionate about.A Diva Night fundraiser works well for […]

Magic Show Fundraiser

Another fun fundraising event idea is to put together a magic show fundraiser to raise funds for your cause. Your magic show event can be anything you want it to be from a small talent show for amateurs to a large-scale show featuring professional magicians.The whole idea with a magic show is that’s its infinitely […]

Fundraising Event Themes: Beach Party

Selecting the best fundraising event themes or party ideas is a crucial step. A beach party theme is great for fundraisers because its loads of fun and is easily customized.You can make your beach party fundraiser as large scale as you want, plus you can also hold one in a variety of locations including at […]

Star Wars Fundraiser

Since the best fundraising events are ones with fun themes because they draw big crowds, another fun event idea is to do a Star Wars fundraiser complete with costumes and fun foods. You can adapt the Star Wars theme to gatherings large and small, so this will work for small groups as well as for […]

Pet Fundraiser Name Ideas

When  doing a pet fundraiser, name ideas are very important because having a catchy name gives your event a nice hook. This list of pet fundraiser names covers mostly dog-related events as cats aren’t anywhere near as social as dogs.When choosing a name for your pet fundraising event, look for something distinctive and, if possible, […]

Fundraising Party Ideas

Fundraiser events that are a lot of fun always attract a good crowd, so here are 50 unique fundraising party ideas to consider for your next event, plus some extra profit tips. Each fundraising party idea or theme is a framework for the event and you can make it as large scale as you want. […]

Fundraising Event Tips: Getting Corporate Sponsors

As part of our series on fundraising event tips, here are 10 tips for getting corporate sponsors for your fundraising event. Corporate sponsorships are extremely important to the overall success of your event and can make a huge impact on your bottom line.If you aren’t getting corporate sponsors for your charity event, then here is […]

Fundraising Event Tips: Use Multiple Auctions

As part of our fundraising event tips series, this article covers why you should use multiple auctions at your event. Having an auction at your event is a “must do” for groups wanting to raise serious money, but don’t forget that by using different auction formats you can take your fundraising to the next level.Here […]

101 Fundraising Events Ideas

One of the hardest things to do is to come up with unique fundraising events ideas each year, so here is a list of 101 fundraiser event ideas worth checking out. Basically, the more fun and unique you make your event idea, the better the fundraising.101 Ideas For Fundraising Events5k Run/WalkAntiques Roadshow FairApres Ski PartyArchery […]

Dance Fundraiser Marathon Nets $430,000

The UNC Dance Fundraiser Marathon 2013 wrapped up 24 hours of dancing by 1,600 student by raising $430,181 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital. Since 1999, the annual dance fundraiser has raised more than $3.8 million for Children’s Hospital.The 1999 UNC Dance Marathon organized by student Michael Bucy had only 75 dancers and raised a modest […]

Squirrel Hunting Fundraiser Draws Heat

A squirrel hunting fundraiser for the Holley Fire Department in western New York has drawn heat from politicians and activists over its Squirrel Slam theme. Dubbed the Hazzard County Squirrel Slam, the fire department fundraiser’s stated goal is for two-person teams to compete to bag the five heaviest squirrels in order to win cash prizes […]

Polar Bear Plunge Raises Big Bucks

Holding a polar bear plunge has become a high profile fundraising event for the Special Olympics and other worthy causes. Group challenges raise big bucks by drawing huge crowds for a feel good activity, at least after everyone who’s taken the plunge has warmed back up!A polar bear plunge can take place on a frozen […]