Donation Request Letters For Silent Auction

If you want to raise more money with silent auctions at your fundraiser, then use these sample donation request letters for silent auction items. Silent auctions work best with lots of different donated items grouped together on separate tables with staggered closing times to maximize bidding.

Donation request letters for silent auction

Donation request letters work best if they clearly and concisely communicate your message, preferably in a way that tugs at their heartstrings. You are asking for a significant donation, so your letter needs to also motivate the recipient to act favorably on your request.

Your donation request letter needs to do four things in this order:

  1. Identify yourself and your group
  2. Explain your need, i.e. why you are raising funds
  3. Directly ask the letter recipient for their help
  4. Provide emotional justification for donating goods or services

For the biggest impact, your letter should be on your group’s letterhead with full contact information. You also need to tell them how they will be recognized for their gift and that they will get a tax-deductible receipt for their donation.

Sample Donation Request Letter For Silent Auction Items


Business Name
Attn: Mr/Mrs Business Contact
Street Adress
City, State & Zip Code

Dear Business Contact First Name,

My name is Jessica Doe and our group, the Local Elementary School PTA, is raising money for new playground equipment. We are doing a silent auction fundraiser to replace our 30-year old jungle gym and basketball goals.

Mr/Mrs Business Contact First Name, I am asking for your help because we don’t want any other children to get hurt during recess. Our playground equipment is so old that it is literally falling apart and several children have cut their fingers or hands on the rough edges.

Many businesses are donating goods and services to help out and I am asking for you to join them in helping us make our school playground safer. Please call me, Jessica Doe, at (555) 555-5555 to arrange your donation pickup.

Each donated item is featured in our silent auction brochure along with a prominent mention of each donor. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be delivered when your donation is picked up.

Thank you for your assistance with helping to keep our kids safe.


Jessica Doe

Local Elementary School PTA Fundraising Coordinator

P.S. – Donated goods or services in any price range are welcome.