Dog Rescue Fundraising Ideas

If you need help raising funds for an animal shelter or rescue group, here are 4 dog rescue fundraising ideas for events that are fun and easy to do.

Dog rescue fundraising ideas

One easy dog rescue fundraiser idea is to do a dog portrait photo event with a fun twist. Basically, you hire a photographer to shoot funny photos of dogs dressed up as people. You take several candid snaps and the dog owner selects the one they want to order. Think youth sports photo day or school photo day and how many parents sign up for the various package deals.

Your group takes a percentage of the sales and you can also offer grooming services, dog training lessons, specialized treat bags, etc.  You can do this type of event indoors or outdoors, so you can take pictures at a local park, pet store or work with local veterinarians for even more volume.

Another event idea is to organize a “Hogs For Dogs” motorcycle rally. Bikers love a chance to do a group ride in support of a good cause. Have a bike ride destination where you can provide a fun party with lots of fundraising activities like a craft beer tasting, chili cook-off, eating contest, battle of the bands, etc.

A third dog rescue event idea is to have a doggy costume contest. This is a great tie-in with a Halloween party event, but you can also do it almost any time of the year. If you can, do it as a parade with as many spectators as you can get and either a popular vote or a celebrity judges panel. Add in all the usual fundraising activities like silent auctions, food sales, photo sales, beer or wine tastings, and anything else that’s a good fit.

The fourth dog rescue fundraiser idea is to host a pet fair. This can be any size, but obviously the larger the event, the more funds you’ll raise. You want to get as many pet-related merchants involved as possible and hold it in a suitable event space. Each merchant will rent booth space from you and promote their own wares to the crowd. It’s up to you as to whether you allow pets to attend as there’s both pluses and minuses to that approach.

Provide lots of food and beverage choices, auction off donated goods and services, raffle off door prizes and deliver a fun event in every possible way. Consider creating your own calendar to sell at your event or even making it a raffle-based cash calendar fundraiser.

When doing any of these dog rescue events, you should follow these tips on getting media coverage and using social media to promote your cause.

Have fun and I hope that these dog rescue fundraising ideas help you raise all the money you need.