Diva Night Fundraising Event

A truly fun fundraiser for women is a Diva Night fundraising event because primping, pampering and partying is always a good time. These type of fundraisers are great for Relay For Life, women’s groups, charity events, breast cancer fundraising events and any other cause that women are passionate about.

A Diva Night fundraiser works well for any size group, but larger events are more attractive to corporate sponsors. You can always start small and grow your event each year by building on your previous success. The whole idea is just to make it a totally fun night out for women to get together and enjoy themselves.

Diva Night Activities

  1. Red carpet arrival – Fun arrival with paparazzi photos
  2. Goodie bags – Every diva loves her some swag!
  3. Makeup refreshers – Makeup artists demonstrate techniques and do mini-makeovers.
  4. Massage therapy –  Seated massages, trigger point therapy, neck rubs and more.
  5. Gourmet chocolate samplers – Decadent dessert competition.
  6. Celebrity hairstyles – Hairstylists show how to do popular celebrity hairstyles.
  7. Karaoke – Who doesn’t want to sing “Girls just Wanna Have Fun”?
  8. Scavenger hunt – Offer prizes for really odd items that anyone has in their purse.
  9. Fashion show – Put together a fashion show with help of local retailers.
  10. Best diva awards – Best dressed, best makeup, best hair, etc.

Diva Night Fundraising Ideas

  1. Ticket Sales – Discount advance tickets to encourage sales and get people committed to coming. Offer tickets through local businesses as well.
  2. Wine Tasting – Always a good fundraiser. Offer samples of fine wines and use wine expert for advice on what to buy.
  3. Raffles – Use these raffle types – Door prize raffle, 50/50 cash raffle, cash calendar raffle, luxury items raffle, etc.
  4. Silent Auction – Raise lots of funds with silent auctions of donated goods and services. Use our sample silent auction request letter to get more donations.
  5. Corporate Sponsors – Follow our guidelines in article on how to get corporate sponsors through affinity and synergy.
  6. Shopping Discounts – Offer deals from local businesses to your attendees.
  7. Diva merchandise – Offer event t-shirts, gift certificates to Nordstroms, and anything else you can sell at a good markup.
  8. Photo Ops – Offer some glamor photos, a photo booth for spontaneous pics, and split the revenue with the photographer.
  9. Live auction – Larger events with a big crowd can raise a lot of funds with live auctions.
  10. Donations – Don’t forget to provide a way for people to donate directly to your cause.

A Diva Night fundraiser can be hosted privately or at a business such as a restaurant, night club, art gallery or even an entire business district. Get creative and make your fundraising event the ultimate in having a fun time