Dirty Bingo Raffle Ruled Illegal

A dirty bingo raffle offered by an N.C. State student group has been ruled illegal by the state’s Department of Public Safety after an uproar over the sexy bingo prizes being offered.

Dirty bingo raffle ruled illegal

The dirty bingo game was organized by the student-led Union Activities Board and was supposed to promote safe sex practices among N.C. State students. Over 500 students signed up on Facebook to attend the February 12th event at the student activities center, but an online furor over the prizes attracted national media coverage.

The dirty bingo prizes included condoms, vibrators, other adult toys, and gag gifts. While most students said they were fine with the event, some students and parents protested that it was highly objectionable.

“The fact that a public university is going to spend mandatory student fees on such an event is just repulsive,” N.C. State student Emma Benson told reporters. “There is nothing that involves reading 50 Shades of Grey or using a butt plug that promotes safe sex.”

Dirty bingo prizes offered in student event

In an interview with a local TV station, student Union Activities Board President Lauryn Collier defended the “Dirty Bingo” event, saying that it’s a new innovative way to do safe sex education on campus – and possibly helping stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Collier also defended the amount of money spent on the prizes, saying it comes to less than a penny per student.

After all the public controversy erupted in major media coverage, the state’s Department of Public Safety got involved, telling the student organizers that they faced misdemeanor and felony charges for not having a bingo permit.

In North Carolina, it is a Class 2 misdemeanor to offer a bingo prize costing more than $10 without a $200 bingo permit. And, it is also a Class 1 felony to award prizes costing more than $50 without being properly licensed.

“I’m loving all of this controversy,” N.C. State student Anjar Hossain posted on Facebook. “When was the last time that our student activities board was actually relevant? All people are doing is giving this event more publicity, which is always good.”

The provocative prizes have been pulled, but the Dirty Bingo event will go on as scheduled.