Dance Team Fundraisers

Like many youth sports groups, dance teams need to raise funds for travel and competition expenses. Here are eight ideas for dance team fundraisers that do a great job of raising funds fast!

Dance Team Fundraising Event Ideas

Car wash

Every dance team has done a car wash fundraiser before, but here’s how to double your results. Boost sales volume by washing cars in two lanes so there’s minimal waiting. Sell pizza discount cards for $10 to your customers. They provide two-for-one deals from Pizza Hut or Papa Johns and your dance team earns $8 on each one sold.

Bowling challenge
A bowling event is easy to put together because it offers a fun way for people to support your group. Work a deal with a bowling alley for a percentage of the revenue attributed to your group. Sell raffle tickets for a prize drawing or do silent auctions on donated goods and services.

Mini-golf tournament
Miniature golf is another fun event that will draw a big crowd. It works the same way as the bowling challenge, but you can also sell hole sponsorships to businesses and attract lots of families. Promote heavily and this event can easily raise $2,500 in a single day.

Mega yard sale
Another quick fundraiser that you can put together in a few days is a huge yard sale. Get donations from family, friends, and neighbors by explaining its for a dance team fundraiser. Place a classified ad and use roadside signs to capture the Saturday morning bargain shoppers. Setup in a school or church parking lot and group items by price ranges to simplify the wheeling and dealing. For extra profits, sell the really nice items on eBay.

Dance Team Fundraising Product Ideas

Fundraising cards
Probably the easiest way to raise funds for your dance team. Set up sales tables (get permission first!) outside grocery stores, drug stores, Wal-Mart, etc. Use big signs telling why you’re raising funds and spelling out that customers get twenty free pizzas for $10. You’ll be amazed at how fast they sell out!

Silicone bracelets
High-profit and easy to sell, fundraiser wristbands are extremely popular with kids. Be sure to sell other popular styles as well as the ones specific to your dance team. Suppliers have those in stock, so just pick the popular ones. Bracelets cost $0.60 and sell for $2 each.

Magazine sales
Magazines sell well because they offer real value to your customers. Double sales by selling to the general public as well as your friends and neighbors. How? Same method as the discount cards. Work high-traffic locations, use big signs explaining why you’re raising funds and provide a business card to each customer for follow-up questions.

Cookie dough
Families love the big tubs of cookie dough, so these produce average sales of $25 per customer. That kind of revenue makes the profits add up quick. Be sure to pick the cookie mix variety and not the frozen stuff, otherwise delivery can be a hassle.

Dance Team Fundraiser Summary

These four events and four fundraising products will each make a great fundraiser for your dance team. Always remember in approaching others to ask for their help and explain why you are raising funds, i.e. for a specific purpose. That way, you are much more likely to gain their support.

Offering fun events or products with great value to customers always produces good results. Consult the other related articles for additional profit tips.