CrunchTime Environmental Fundraisers

CrunchTime Environmental Fundraisers

Supplier: CrunchTime Environmental Fundraisers
Phone: (800) 227-8624
Fax: (866) 227-8624
Website: Offline
Email: Unknown

Address: 137A Sutherland Road
City: Boston
State: MA
Zip: 02135

Description: Earn a minimum 55% profit margin selling organic chocolate bars. Receive free use of age-appropriate education materials about the tropical rainforests. 35% of the profits will be used to “adopt” tropical rainforest acreage in your group’s name.

These delicious 1.2 ounce chocolate bars come in six different, but equally scrumptious flavors: milk chocolate, butter toffee crunch, crispy rice/milk chocolate, sweet dark chocolate, orange sweet dark chocolate, and espresso sweet dark chocolate.

Chocolate cups come in three different flavors and each package contains three individual cups of the same flavor. The flavors are peanut butter milk chocolate, peanut butter dark chocolate, and mint dark chocolate.

With both the bars and the cups, each Master Case contains eight (8) individual twenty-four (24) bar or cup “tote” boxes, for a total of 192 chocolate bars or packages of cups per Master Case.

Minimum order is just one Master Case. Plus, you can mix & match flavors in increments of 24 bars or cups to get a sampling of all the different flavors.

At 55% profit, your group can protect fragile environmental resources for future generations. Or, you can ignore the environment and pocket a few extra bucks. Your choice, but either way, this is much more profitable than the standard $1 candy bar programs from other suppliers.

Product Lines: Candy – Case, Chocolate, Chocolate – Gourmet, Earth Friendly

Terms: Net terms available to qualified organizations or prepay

Notes: If you’re going to sell $1 candy bars, do the right thing and support a good cause.

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