Creative Fundraising Ideas & Events

Twenty-five creative fundraising ideas and events that are great ways to raise funds for your cause. While they have a creative element, these easy fundraisers don’t cost a lot to put together and do a great job of raising money quickly.

25 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Creative Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

  1. Craft Fair – How to put together your own craft fair and artisan event to raise funds for your cause. Lots of fun and all sorts of possibilities.
  2. Pinterest Fundraiser – 12 unique ways to raise money with Pinterest-themed events like a craft fair, fashion show, skills workshop, marketing seminar, food fest, or even Man Cave Madness. Be creative with your event ideas and raise lots of money while having fun!
  3. Chair-ity Fundraiser – Doing a chair-ity fundraiser is so simple, and yet so profitable that you’ll be amazed at your results. Raise funds by auctioning off creative chairs that are bundled with all sorts of accessories.
  4. Scrapbooking Fundraiser – This is a great fundraising event idea for small groups that’s easy to do and raises a lot of money. These are so popular that many groups do them as full-day seminars and schedule two back-to-back on a weekend.
  5. Scavenger Hunt – Can be simple or complex just by making the items harder to find. You can also use a theme to make things more fun like Pirate Treasure, Star Wars, Geek Tech, Sports, Eighties, etc.

Creative Fundraising Events

  1. Food Truck Rodeo – Organize a food truck competition and add in extras like craft beer tasting, wine tasting, live music, celebrity judges and more.
  2. Mac and Cheese Fundraiser -10 tasty ways to raise funds with mac and cheese. Restaurant competition, mac and cheese pancake breakfast, eating contests, etc.
  3. Fashion Show – Host your own fashion show as a fun way to raise funds. Target specific niches like prom wear, maternity clothes, weddings, back to school, working women, etc.
  4. Masquerade Ball – Fun dress-up event gives everyone a creative opportunity with their masks and elaborate outfits.
  5. World Record Attempt – Go for a world record challenge like world’s largest game of musical chairs, biggest scavenger hunt or other wacky endeavors.

Creative School Fundraising Ideas

  1. Zombie Prom – Dress up dance event with lots of gory makeup and all kinds of fun activities. Great for Halloween festivities.
  2. Sumo Wrestling – Students compete wearing huge inflatable sumo wrestler suits and football helmets with hilarious results.
  3. Cow Chip Bingo – A cow pie raffle is the basis for a family fun day with food competitions, live music, inflatable bounce houses and more.
  4. Hunger Games Fundraiser – Great costume fun with lots of variations for different age groups. Combine academic competition with obstacle courses, etc.
  5. Touch A Truck – A really fun event for kids and their families to explore giant trucks, earth movers, ambulances, drilling rigs, and other massive machines.

Creative Fundraising Ideas For Churches

  1. Church Fundraiser Feastival – A church festival that’s all about the food and the fun. Cooking contests, eating contests, cupcake wars and more.
  2. Chairty Quilting Bee – Create heirloom quilts for sale, raffle, or auction. Lots of creative flair in design of quilts and stylish execution.
  3. Service Auction – Hold an auction of donated services and personal skills. There’s something for everyone to buy and for everyone to give.
  4. Talent Show – Give everyone a chance to show off their talents in front of a crowd. Get creative with your talents and showcase different things.
  5. Gift Basket Raffle – Very traditional fundraiser, but creating gift baskets lets people show their creativity with different styles and offerings.

Creative Fundraising Ideas For Kids

  1. Food Fight Fundraiser – Let’s face it. Kids love to make a big mess. Why not let them have a good time and fling mashed potatoes at each other?
  2. Mad Hatter Tea Party – Great dress-up event with an Alice In Wonderland theme where adults can join in the fun but the focus is on the kids.
  3. Comedy Night Fundraiser – Put together your own comedy showcase or hire professionals like Clean Comedians for school or church events.
  4. Miniature Golf Tournament – It’s great fun and when done right, a mini golf fundraiser tournament can raise considerable funds for small groups.
  5. Magic Show – Everyone loves a magic show so this event idea is a big crowd pleaser. Use amateur acts and a professional for the grand finale.

The more unique and creative your fundraiser event is, the more people will want to attend and participate in all the fun activities. So don’t be afraid to be creative when planning your next fundraising event.

10 Ways To Raise Funds At Your Fundraising Event

  1. Ticket Sales – Use admission tickets as a way to get people committed to attending. Even $5 is a good motivator. Offer door prizes with admission ticket drawing.
  2. Raffles – Use all six types of raffles at your event because they are a great way to raise funds.
  3. Silent Auction – Always use a silent auction at your fundraising event. Get donations from national companies, offer unique consignment items, etc.
  4. Live Auction – At big events, use a live auction and a professional auctioneer to raise substantial amounts of money. Use all the fundraising auction variations.
  5. Food Sales – There are lots of ways to “sell” food at your fundraiser like raffles, cake walks, cupcake wars, food competitions, tastings, eating contests, etc.
  6. Drink Sales – Sell beverages or include some free drinks in the ticket price. Craft beer tastings, wine tastings, wine pull raffle, beer for a year raffle, and more.
  7. Merchandise Sales – Offer creative t-shirts featuring your event details. Sell 2-for-1 pizza discount cards. Create some fundraising bracelets for your cause.
  8. Donations – Don’t be shy. Always ask for donations at your event. You can do an impact raffle, use a fish tank as a donations drop, but ask people to give.
  9. Sponsorships – Get corporate sponsors for your event by putting together targeted offers. Always show what’s in it for them and price reasonably.
  10. Participation Pledges – Certain events lend themselves to having participants get pledges like races, bike rides, golf tournaments. Don’t be afraid to ask for pledges.

Use these creative fundraising ideas as the basis for your next fundraiser event. The more fun and unique your event is, the bigger the crowd.