Craft Fair Fundraising Ideas

A craft fair is another fundraiser idea that can be loads of fun and easy to put together. Here’s a list of craft fair fundraising ideas to help you select a theme, attract a big crowd, and raise lots of money for your cause.

10 Craft Fair Fundraising Ideas

The thing about a craft fair is that there are so many different ways you can do it, but one of the best is to have lots of “how to” and hands on demonstrations. You can give your event a narrow focus such as just scrapbooking crafts only, or you can go full spectrum and cover all craft ideas.

Its totally up to you and both approaches have their respective merits. A narrow focus means much more relevant information for devotees, but a wide focus has a broader appeal and could become a huge event in an under-served market.

Craft Fair Themes

  1. How To Lessons – Guest presenters show how to do various crafts.
  2. Hands on Workshops – Attendees get hands on with craft activities.
  3. Vendor Exhibits – Vendors staff exhibit areas and sell their goods and services.
  4. Full Scale Expo – Combination of all three into a mega craft fair with hundreds of vendors.

Craft Fair Fundraiser Ideas

  1. Ticket Sales – Discount advance sales, sell at local retailers and online with Include free beverage and door prize raffle entry with ticket.
  2. Lessons – Charge for lessons, how to video series, materials, etc.
  3. Booth Rentals – Charge vendors for exhibit space or do revenue share
  4. Silent Auction – A must for any fundraiser event. Use our sample silent auction request letter.
  5. Live Auction – At big events, a professional auctioneer can double or triple your live auction results.
  6. Raffles – Use all the raffle formats, offer raffle ticket bundles, announce some winners every 30 minutes.
  7. Tastings – Offer sample tastings of gourmet food, fine wine, craft beer, etc.
  8. Food Sales – Large events mean good food sales profits. Food truck rodeo option for revenue split.
  9. Beverage Sales – Good markup on beverages means another fundraising opportunity.
  10. Corporate Sponsorships – The really big money is in getting corporate sponsors. Follow our how to advice.

Promoting Your Craft Fair

  1. Social Media Publicity – Facebook, Twitter and other social media will drive attendance.
  2. Traditional Media Coverage – Press releases, newspaper, radio and TV coverage are a must.
  3. Celebrity Judges – Using local celebs including radio and TV personalities is another big draw.
  4. Local Businesses – Partner with local craft business owners to promote your event.
  5. Craft Bloggers – Contact local bloggers directly for more exposure in your community.
  6. Vendors – Have your vendors sell tickets to their customers. Offer revenue share.
  7. Posters – Create colorful, eye catching posters to promote your event.
  8. Advertisements – Advertising works, so budget for it but spend wisely.
  9. Women’s Groups – Approach local women’s groups with info packet on your event. Offer group discount.
  10. Partnerships – Partner with any business that can help promote your event. Barter as needed.

I hope these craft fair fundraiser ideas help you exceed your wildest fundraising goals. Stay calm and have fun!