Covid-19 Fundraiser Auction

An auction fundraiser is a great way to raise funds during the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 is not a problem since all your fundraising activity is handled online. Social media makes it easy to promote your auction to your supporters and to the general public.

A Covid-19 fundraiser auction works well for groups of any size and even for individual fundraising. You need three things to put one together:

  1. An auction platform
  2. Donated goods & services to sell
  3. Valuable consignment items to bring in big bids

Fundraiser Auction Platform

An auction fundraising platform can be your group’s own website, a specialized auction service, or an existing marketplace such as eBay. Each platform has it’s pros and cons.

Using your own website requires you to run your own auction which means specialized software. You’ll also need to work hard to drive additional visitors to your site.

A specialized website that handles auctions for nonprofit groups makes it easier to get the traffic you need, but comes with some additional costs. Bidding For Good is one popular auction fundraiser solution.

Using eBay to sell the donated goods/services that you are offering works well for most goods, but not that well for donated services. Usually, the only bids you’ll get on eBay for localized services will be from your own supporters. Buy sponsored listings for your geographic area to boost results.

Donated Goods & Services

Your Covid-19 fundraiser auction definitely needs donated goods & services to raise funds and that means appealing to your base of supporters. Small businesses will often support local causes for community goodwill and word of mouth exposure. However, the pandemic has pushed many businesses to the brink.

Local artists and artisans are good prospects if you have a win/win proposition for them such as increased exposure and building their customer list. Craft breweries and distilleries are also looking to spread the word and grow their customer base.

Professional sports teams are also a good source for valuable donations. Most teams limit their donations to nonprofits in their local market.

You can also use our online list of 101 fundraising auction donation sources to source a wide range of items for your auction.

Valuable Consignment Offerings

To raise more money, you need to have some highly desirable auction items such as luxury vacation travel, unique event experiences, sports memorabilia. Generally, you only pay for the items you sell and you keep whatever amount is bid above the base cost of the item.

Winspireme is one company that provides exotic vacation travel packages for nonprofit auction fundraisers. They also have a great article about virtual fundraising in the Covid-19 climate that offers a lot of helpful tips.

There are several other companies that assist nonprofits with sourcing fundraiser auction items. Geronimo works with golf courses and vacation properties to provide custom vacation stays. They can also provide you with a custom TravelPledge website to use for your fundraising year round.

Covid-19 Fundraiser Auction Summary

An auction fundraiser is a truly excellent way to raise money during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s easy to put one together on a good auction platform and promote it. Load it up with high-quality auction items from the sources above and raise more funds than ever.