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Considering doing a cookbook fundraiser? Church fundraising isn’t easy, but has one major advantage to many other forms of fundraising. A large body of keen and enthusiastic people to draw from for the labor involved. In other words the people in the church make a great sales force.

Church fundraising is a great way of getting everyone in the church together in non devotional engagement for social activity, and at the same time to generate some money for the church. Because church goers are so enthusiastic about their membership of the church most of them are usually willing and keen to help out with any church fundraising required.

And of course lots of the congregation have skills which can be put to good use in most church fundraising activities.

How about doing a cookbook fundraiser?

Collect together all the favorite recipes from members of the congregation. Give them a try your self if you wish, although this can be time consuming. Then decide on how many you want to put in your cookbook and pick out the best ones for the book.

There are various ways to sell your book. You could have it formally printed into a book. Or you could sell it more informally as a set of individual pages bound together into a book by various methods, such as tied with ribbons.

Now though, there is another excellent way to organize and ongoing fundraiser by selling your cookbook on the internet. Is isn’t that hard to do and there is usually someone in the congregation who will have the skills to design a website, compile an ebook, or online book, and make it available for sale.

Then when you advertise your book you can offer the website address to people as a place where they can buy and download it.

It is extremely cheap to offer a book this way, and costs less than producing a hard copy of a cookbook, so you can make it cheaper than the hard copy version.

And in the book and on your website you can have the option for people to tell their friends about the book so that they go to the site and buy it as well.

Of course for this to work it needs to be a great cookbook, so be sure you’re confident in the recipes before you offer your book for sale. It is well worth making sure that you get the recipes tested by members of the congregation to ensure that they are easy to make and worth cooking.

As with anything the success of your church cookbook fundraiser depends on the quality of the product.

Cookbook fundraising which offers a cookbook for sale is a great way to raise funds for the church. It can be fun, and a great way to get people together to undertake a great project. And if you put your book on the net then it can sell for years to come.

Just make sure you don’t put on too much weight trying out the recipes!

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