The Importance Of Communication In Fundraising

More from the multi-part series on Fundraiser Preparation. This section is about how to communicate both your fundraiser need and your fundraiser offering.

Promote your cause
A good communication strategy is all about the promotion of your organization’s cause within the community and within the organization. Your plan needs to clearly define how information will flow.

Spread the word (and the work)
As we talked about before, set up calling trees, distribute master phone lists, have a publicity coordinator, and have one person in charge of all flyers and posters.

Use your website
Don’t forget to leverage your website as an information dissemination tool. This will cut down on phone calls to handle, but don’t assume everyone has easy access to the internet. Make it available through other means as well.

Be enthusiastic
Enthusiasm is contagious so, by all means, pick a communication leader who is always upbeat. See the Section on Communication for a more in-depth review of this vital topic.

Fundraiser preparation
Strive for continuous improvement every time you prepare to raise funds. Written records allow you to define processes that will help you reach and exceed your goals.

Look for synergy with other parts of the organization and community. Avoid any conflicts with other scheduled activities. Always leverage community resources to maximize your revenue and lower your costs.

Be a fundraising business
Run your organization like a business. Delegate responsibilities by having managers for each process and function. Have written plans for every aspect of fundraising. Promote your cause with publicity and a merchant plan.

You’ll find that once you’re fully organized, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done with the old chaotic approach. Good preparation pays off with an improved bottom line and that’s what fundraising success is all about.
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