College Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some simple college fundraising ideas? Here are ten activity ideas for your fraternity, sorority, or other groups to raise funds on campus.

Ideas For College Fundraisers

Dance marathon
University of North Carolina students conduct an annual dance marathon fundraiser for the UNC Children’s Hospital For The Kids Fund which covers costs not covered by insurance. An annual tradition since 1998, the 24-hour Dance Marathon has grown every year, featuring over 750 dancers and 450 volunteers while raising more than $200,000 for their cause in 2006.

Wristband fundraiser
Another good way to raise funds is to sell customizable silicon bracelets. These colorful wristbands can be imprinted with your group’s message and are surprisingly affordable. Most groups sell theirs for $2 each with profits of 50% or more. The Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised more than $100 million for cancer research with the yellow “LiveStrong” wristband.

Powder Puff tournament
Sororities on many campuses organize an annual Powder Puff football tournament with each player required to raise a certain amount in pledges. Fraternities sell game tickets and provide “cheerleading” squads which is all part of the fun. There’s a championship trophy at stake along with prizes for most funds raised and best cheerleaders.

Affinity credit cards
These themed credit cards can be offered with just about any group affiliation and custom logo. These require applicants getting approved by the credit card issuer who will pay groups anywhere from $50 to $100 per signup.

Debit cards
Similar to the credit card offering, these prepaid Visa or MasterCard debit cards are great for students. You can offer them with affinity customization or just offer regular debit cards. Parents love these because it’s a great way to make funds available to students on a monthly basis by just adding funds to the debit card. Banks will pay you $50 for each signup and everyone is approved.

Battle of the Bands
Organize an all-day Battle of the Bands to support your favorite cause. Charge bands an entrance fee, sell tickets, offer event t-shirts, and run a concession stand with food and drinks.

Discount cards
You can sell fast food discount cards for $10 and make 80% profit. Cards offering two-for-one deals are available for Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, etc.

Paid surveys
There are a lot of companies that pay students to complete online surveys about products and shopping preferences. You can earn $10 to $25 for each survey completed and up to $75 for participating in an online focus group.

Toilet paper
Selling one of life’s necessities lends itself well to college fundraising. Your group commits to buying a truckload of toilet paper at wholesale prices and then pre-sells at least half of it to other groups. After taking delivery, offer individual packs or even cases at retail prices in high-traffic areas. Use funny posters to help promote your cause. Example: “Help wipe out hunger!”

Bingo fundraiser
Everybody loves to play bingo and it’s easy to put a Bingo Night together. All you need is a room with lots of tables and a bingo caller. You can download bingo cards for free and print your own. Make a plastic tumbler for hand painted ping-pong balls for selecting each number and you’re good to go. Charge per game and offer donated prizes for winning, not cash.

Good luck with your college fundraising!