Coin Drop Fundraiser With A Twist

In this coin drop fundraiser with a twist, you don’t drop coins into donation boxes near cash registers, you drop coins into a spiral wishing well where the coins spin wildly in a vortex before dropping into the donation box.

This twist on the traditional coin drop fundraiser adds all sorts of excitement and lots of different possibilities for raising far more money than a traditional coin drop. For example, you are no longer targeting the spare change in people’s pockets. What you really want is all the leftover change they have at home.

The average household in the U.S. has roughly $50 in loose change tucked away in various drawers, jars, and piggy banks. These unused coins can be targeted as part of a “coin wars fundraiser” approach where you encourage individuals, teams, or groups to compete for who can bring in the most change.

Another advantage of using the spiral wishing well fundraiser is the crowd appeal of watching the coins roll on their edges as they spiral toward the black hole containing the hidden coin box. People, and especially children, just love to watch the coins racing around the fiberglass basin.

These spiral wishing wells are available from in three sizes offering 2-foot, 3-foot, and 7-foot diameter basins. Pricing for various models ranges from $2,000 to $7,000 with certain options like special colors, stands, and signage available for an extra charge.

There is also a rental option available in many metropolitan areas for roughly $250  for a one-day event. How much money you raise depends on how well you publicize your event, how many people show up, and how many coins everyone brings to spin in the coin drop.

These coin drop fundraisers work great for schools, churches, college groups, museums, charitable causes, and other non-profit organizations. Some groups have raised more than $7,000 in a one-day event. The record for a one-day coin drop fundraiser is $40,979 by a church in Loma Linda, California.

Other groups report their retail-based coin drop wishing wells bringing in nearly $200 per week per location year-round. The best retail locations for these are businesses where people often pay with cash and get change in return.

Many non-profits place the smaller spiral wishing wells in retail locations like convenience stores, office supply stores, drugstores,  grocery stores, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and other high-traffic locations. These are the same places where fundraising coin canisters would be placed near the checkout area.

Make your coin drop infinitely more exciting and you’ll raise more money than you thought possible. Long-time fundraisers report no drop off in fundraising proceeds for spiral wishing wells that have been in place for over a decade.

At the present time, there are also grants available from to help defray the purchase cost for non-profit organizations.

Here’s a quick recap of all the fundraising benefits of using a spiral wishing well for your coin drop fundraiser:

  • Attract more participants
  • Increase amount donated per participant
  • You can rent a wishing well for your event
  • Sell sponsorship signage on the wishing well
  • Get a grant towards the purchase price for future use
  • Launch a massive community coin drive initiative
  • Create a coin wars competition with fun prizes
  • Use a 7-footer wishing well for big events
  • Raise money year-round with smaller wishing wells in multiple retail locations

So, if you’re thinking of doing a coin drive fundraiser, then you should definitely consider livening things up with a spiral wishing well for the coin drop. It’ll definitely make a huge difference in how much money you raise with your coin drop and how much fun it is for your participants.