Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Tips

4 Tips To Triple Your Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Profits – Doing a citrus fruit fundraiser will usually raise more money than selling other fundraising products because the price points are higher and its easy to add in some other high-profit options. Selling citrus fruit is a great fundraiser for school groups like band and cheerleading or for church youth groups because its a simple order taker with a great prospect conversion rate.

Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Tips – 4 Ways To Triple Your Profits

When selling fresh citrus fruit, use a company with  a good reputation and a colorful sales brochure. Most suppliers offer the usual oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit, but its best to also include some of the more exotic citrus blends like tangeloes and Ruby Red grapefruit.

Profit margins for these fruit fundraisers are roughly 40% and a little higher if you sell the smaller 10-pound mini-cartons. Of course, you only make a profit when you actually make a sale, so don’t forget to teach your sellers the right way to ask for an order for your fundraising product.

Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Sales Script

There are four things you want your sellers to do:

  1. Identify themselves, your organization, and why you are fundraising
  2. Specifically ask for their help
  3. Use the word “because” right after asking for their help
  4. Ask for the order and then don’t say anything else

Example: “Hi, I’m Lyndsey Smith with the high school marching band and we’re raising funds for new band uniforms. Can you help us out because our old uniforms are really worn out?

Notice that you don’t have to explain what you are selling or even ask them to buy something. You just have to establish who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Then, you do “the ask” and justify a positive response by using the word “because.”

That use of the word “because” makes them very receptive to answering your request for help affirmatively. Note that you are strictly asking for “help” and not asking them to buy something!

As the prospect looks over the brochure, they may not see something they like or the prices may be too high. That’s why it’s best to offer a couple of other alternatives. By having those additional offerings, you can do a second “ask” later on.

When you do directly ask for an order, the seller must then remain quiet and wait for their prospect’s response. Continuing to speak at that point totally negates the power of asking for the order.

Add Extra Profits To Your Fundraiser

There are a couple of other ways you can raise funds with citrus fruit for the holidays besides just taking orders from the sales brochure. One simple way to add extra profit is to offer other holiday-related products at the same time.

For example, you could also offer potted poinsettias at the same time because that will increase your chances of making a sale. Some will want just the citrus fruit, others the poinsettias, and some will want both. Just by offering one extra holiday decorating option, you can increase your sales by 50% or more.

You can also take your citrus fundraiser sales to another level by also offering other holiday decorative items like door wreathes and decorative garlands. These seasonal decorations made from fresh evergreen branches and other components always sell well in the run-up to the holiday season, so it makes sense to offer these as well.

Another potential sales offering that always sells well are the 2-for-1 pizza discount cards from national brands like Domino’s, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut. They retail for $10 and cost either $2 or $3, depending on volume. Your customer gets two pizzas for the price of one for a year, so its a great deal for them as well.

So, those are four good ways to raise additional funds when doing a holiday citrus fruit fundraiser. Plus, you’re selling items that people want to buy and your fundraising products are priced very competitively with actual retail prices, which makes people much more receptive to supporting your cause.

The key is making the most of your sales opportunities by offering several high-quality products and properly positioning your offer by using a simple sales script that works like a charm every time. And of course, you can use those same techniques when selling any type of fundraising product.