Church Fundraising

Church fundraising is an important task that deserves the best approach. So, how can you improve your church capital campaign? Simply think like a business.

Businesses advertise their “brand” and your church can to, either through inexpensive church fundraisers or through capital campaigns.

How does advertising help make a business successful?

Advertising builds brand awareness.

And how does that relate to church fundraising?

Your fund raising needs to build your church’s “brand” by reinforcing the message of who you are and what your “value proposition” is for your congregation.

I’m not saying that you need golden arches out front with a neon sign proclaiming “Over 1 Million Saved.

What I am saying is that you want your supporters to have a strong emotional bond to your church and that the right fund raising campaign can help you do that.

Church Capital Campaign Ideas

Your capital campaign should be structured to strengthen those emotional bonds by establishing concrete links to your congregation that are visible to the community.

What type of church fundraising campaigns provide that visibility?

In church fund raising, donor recognition programs serve that purpose.

Donor recognition programs are easy to conduct and are available in a wide range of price points that offer ways for your entire congregation to show their support.

A donor campaign seeks a pledge of a certain contribution amount in exchange for the specified recognition. The donation could be a one-time gift, a weekly offering, a monthly automatic withdrawal, or an annual tithe.

Donations of a certain amount are rewarded with some type of church-related donor recognition. Inexpensive items can be given to donors for smaller contributions, while larger donations are usually provided visual recognition at your church.

Church Fundraising: Donor Recognition

An example of an entry-level recognition offering for a donation to your church fundraising campaign is a custom pewter medallion or ornament. These are often hand crafted to display your church’s exterior view. Two message lines can be added to reinforce your “brand.”

Another example would be creating a unique coffee mug with your church’s picture and message. The idea here is that each donor gets a coffee mug as a thank you for their support. The mug and your message help maintain awareness of their “belonging.”

Church Fundraising: Donor Brick Fundraiser

Engraved or personalized bricks are an excellent way to incent capital campaign contributions through public recognition. One attractive method is to use brick pavers with laser engraved messages in a special entryway or sidewalk.

Another way to display these donor recognition bricks that will strengthen the tie your church is to design and construct an attractive landscaping display.

Many churches build a prayer garden and incorporate these engraved bricks in the sidewalks, planters, and rest/reflection areas.

Ask yourself if your church grounds could benefit from some additional landscaping and then build a church fund raising campaign around it.

Remember that each personalized brick could bring a donation of as much as $150 while also strengthening the bond between donor and church.

High-Dollar Capital Campaigns

For church fund raising recognition purposes, nothing beats an attractive wall display in a high-traffic area such as a foyer or entryway.

Let’s face it. People like to see their good deeds recognized. They also like to see themselves recognized where their friends and neighbors can see.

The higher the campaign amounts sought for your capital campaign, the more tasteful your recognition program should be.

One simple method features engraved brass plaques on a polished wood backdrop. Donors select the message they want displayed on their respective plaques.

Church Fundraising: Gift Trees

Another method of church fund raising, which is somewhat fancier, involves using a gift tree. A three dimensional sculpture of a tree with burnished metal leaves is fixed upon a wooden backdrop for wall mounting.

Each leaf is engraved with the donor’s message. The end result is high-quality artwork in the church’s foyer or lobby that recognizes the donor’s gift in a very public setting.

Donor Recognition Plaques

For very personalized recognition, consider offering a cast bronze plaque that highlights individual contributions to a specific project.

You can also offer smaller individual photo plaques that provide more room for customization of the message.

There are many more ways to increase your church capital campaign results, but they’ll have to wait for another article.

Good Luck and God Bless!