Church Fundraisers

The best church fundraisers are those that are fun, easy to do, and raise funds fast. In this article, we’ll focus on the best church fundraising ideas for these areas: capital campaigns, operational funding, youth groups and mission trips.

Each of these church fundraiser ideas is fully explained in another article, so just follow the link to read more about that particular type of fundraising event or activity.

Church Capital Campaign

  1. Donor Brick Projects – Use engraved brick pavers to create sidewalks, reflection areas, prayer gardens, etc.
  2. Giving Trees – Elegant metal wall art with the donors names engraved on the leaves.
  3. World Record Fundraiser – Organize a world record for the largest rocking chair marathon, scavenger hunt, or other fun activity.

Fundraising Ideas For Churches

  1. 5k Run/Walk – Host your own fundraising run with a Christian theme. One church does a “Run For The Son” event each Spring.
  2. Church Festival – Put together an annual “Church Feastival” with good food, carnival games, auctions, and family fun.
  3. Golf Balls From Above – Raffle fundraiser where numbered golf balls are dropped from helicopter for closest to hole winner.

Church Youth Group Fundraisers

  1. Christian Fundraisers – Organize small events to raise funds or offer seasonal products such as Christmas ornaments or Easter lillies.
  2. Pizza Discount Cards – Sell discount cards for Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or Domino’s at tables outside grocery stores.
  3. Video Game Tournament – Youth-oriented fundraiser activity that could also be a board game tournament like Monopoly, Risk, etc.

Fundraising Ideas For Mission Trips

  1. 7 Ways To Raise Funds For Mission Trips – Fun ways to raise money quickly with small events or some easy products to sell.
  2. Hunger Games Fundraiser – Organize a fun competition where costumed contestants scale obstacle course, eat weird foods, etc.
  3. Mixed Bag Fundraiser – Very profitable fundraising product sale offering designer tote bags from a 76-page catalog.

I hope you found some worthwhile and unique church fundraisers in this article. We have literally hundreds of different fundraising ideas on our website, so use the Google search box on the right side to find even more ideas for your next fundraiser.