Church Fund Raising Ideas

Looking for some creative approaches to church fund raising? Here are some ideas to help ranging from simple church fundraisers to capital campaigns and donor recognition. There are also church fundraising ideas for youth groups plus ways to increase revenue from traditional events such as pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners.

Christian fundraising is a rewarding experience whether you are raising money on a small or large scale. You have eager volunteers to help and so many ways to build camaraderie within the group. The common goal has another sometimes overlooked benefit – sharing the experience together will strengthen your faith… and that is truly priceless!

Fundraising Ideas For Your Church

Church Fundraising Event Ideas – Here are several lists of fundraising ideas for churches and church youth groups, with an emphasis on unique event ideas that church groups of any size can easily organize. The more fun and unique your church fundraising event ideas are, the more people that will want to attend and the more money you will raise.

Church Fundraisers – Church fund-raising through donor recognition – Christian fundraiser charity activities.

Church Fundraiser Ideas – Here are a dozen church fundraiser ideas for raising funds quickly – These are all easy church fund raisers with low costs and excellent results.

Donor Recognition – How to use donor recognition to increase your capital campaign results.

Christian Fundraising Events – Six ideas for Christian fundraising events – Church fundraisers that are fun, family-oriented, and raise funds fast.

Capital Campaigns – Capital campaign strategies for non-profit groups to increase their donor base.

Church Fundraiser Feastival – Raising funds for your church with a fun Feastival – A fun church fundraiser event packed with fundraising activities, carnival rides, entertainment and most of all, great food.

Brick Fundraising – How to raise funds with a design project incorporating laser engraved bricks – Brick fundraising tips for capital campaigns and church fund raising.

7 Ways To Raise Funds For A Mission Trip – If you want to raise funds for a mission trip, here are 7 fun ways to raise money quickly. When fundraising for a cause, there are three main choices: asking for donations, organizing an event, or offering something of value that others need or want.

Christian Fundraiser – Ten unique ideas for a Christian fundraiser – Fundraising products or events with a Christian theme or approach.

Chair-ity Fundraiser – An easy fundraiser idea is doing a “chair-ity” event – Raising funds through auctioning off creative chairs bundled with all sorts of goodies at your fun event.

Gardening Supplies Fundraiser – A home & garden fundraising event is a big moneymaker – How to put together a gardening supplies fundraiser for your group.

Pancake Breakfast – Extra profit tips for your pancake breakfast fundraiser – How to double or triple your results with four extra steps.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – Six ways to improve your spaghetti dinner fundraiser – Fundraising event tips for getting a big turnout and maximum results.

Fundraising For Youth Groups – Advice on the pros and cons of various youth group fundraisers – What products not to sell to keep parents happy.

Youth Group Fundraising – Two low-cost youth group fundraisers that are fun, quick, and easy to do.

Christmas Carol Fundraiser – Fundraising fun with Christmas carol-grams – How to raise money for your group by singing Christmas carols and delivering holiday cheer.

Creative Fundraising Ideas – Interesting and creative fundraising ideas for schools and youth groups – Turning donated items into themed gift baskets for sale or raffle.

Photography Fundraiser – Fundraising with portraits – How to put together a photography fundraiser for your school or church.

You can combine one or more of these ideas into one fundraiser. In fact, you should! Combine a holiday fundraising event with a photography fundraiser, while everyone is dressed in their festive best! Combine a youth group fundraiser with an church-wide event to make the most of everyone’s efforts and take advantage of the crowd you’ve gathered through publicity.

A word to the wise – delegate, delegate, delegate! The more help you have for your fundraising activities, the smoother the process and the better the outcome.