Christmas Carol Fundraiser

Bring good tidings this season with a low-cost, fun Christmas Carol Fundraiser. Singing holiday songs can work for many non-profit groups that need to raise money and stand out from the crowd.

Neighborhood homeowners associations, church groups, even youth sports teams can benefit by singing Christmas Carols. All that’s required is some festive attire, and the willingness to sing.

The great thing is, you don’t even have to be able to sing well to pull this off. In fact, imperfect performances can even seem more charming than the best choir presentation.

Christmas Carol Fundraiser Ideas

The best way to make sure your holiday fundraiser is a success is to advertise early and often. Place ads in your neighborhood newsletter, website, or email blasts.

Posters in the hallways at church or school, bulletin boards, even signs at street corners work well. Many local newspapers and television stations offer free advertising to non-profit groups. Take advantage of the freebies.

Mention prospective recipients in your publicity campaign. Christmas carol-grams can be sent to spouses at work, grandparents, school officials, retirement communities, etc.

You can even offer to tape a carol-gram for the troops stationed overseas. What a wonderful way to brighten their holiday with a little touch of home.

You’ll most likely need a few rehearsals, but you could just gather for an hour or so before you begin your singing rounds to practice. Print out words to popular songs for each singer in your group.

Depending on the weather in your area, holiday sweaters and scarves gives the appeal of a Norman Rockwell Christmas scene. Offer personalized Christmas Carol-grams. It is fairly simple to do: “We wish Bob a Merry Christmas!”

Keep your song selections simple. Feel free to ham it up, give out home-made cookies at the end of your performance, even take pictures of your group with the Carol-gram recipients to send to the paying customers.

Set your price according to the time involved and charge what your particular market will bear. Prices will obviously be higher in big cities. Always remember to use psychological price points such as $27 or $47, as those numbers work much better than $30 or $50.

I strongly recommend collecting your Carol-gram fee in advance. Depending on where your paying customers send your group to sing, there will be some small expenses involved.

Carpool in vans and SUV’s to your assigned locations. If children will be singing as a group, never allow them to approach someone’s house without an adult chaperone in attendance. Safety first where children are concerned.

A Holiday Carol-gram fundraiser is a great way for your non-profit group to raise funds around the holidays, and also works as a team building, fun event. Don’t stress over it and keep your Christmas carol fundraiser fun for everyone!