Christian Fundraising Events

Many church groups look for Christian fundraising events as a good way to raise funds. Here are six ideas for Christian fundraising events that are easy to put together and provide a wholesome atmosphere for family fun.

Christian Fundraising Events – Ideas and Tips

Church carnival
A family oriented carnival on church grounds is a great way to raise funds. You can contract for carnival rides with an outside firm, rent inflatable enclosed jumping areas that small children love, offer face painting, sell handicrafts, offer prizes for children’s games, do a cakewalk, and dozens of other fun activities.

Sell inexpensive tickets from a huge roll that can be redeemed for each activity or to purchase food and drinks. Position several tables full of silent auction items donated by local businesses in a strategic place so they’ll draw lots of bids.

Golf balls from above
This fun event involves dropping thousands of numbered golf balls from a hot air balloon onto a well-marked target area. Golf balls closest to the hole win cash prizes, goods or services donated by local businesses, or items purchased by your group.

Prize winners are those whose raffle ticket numbers match those on the winning golf balls. Set an aggressive goal of selling 10,000 raffle tickets priced at $10 each, Obviously, you only drop as many golf balls as you’ve sold tickets for.

For example, you could offer a first place cash prize of $10,000 and ten additional cash prizes of $1,000 each. For tips on selling lots of raffle tickets, see the advice below under Christian raffle.

Charity auction
Auctions make good fundraisers and there’s no reason why you can’t put one together with a Christian theme. To get a good turnout, you must promote heavily with press releases, roadside signs, newsletters, emails, posters in local businesses, etc.

Approach all your supporters for donations of items or services to be auctioned. Handcrafted items, gift  certificates, vacation rentals, and lawn services always draw a lot of bids. be sure that each of your supporters also works their own list of personal contacts for more donations.

Bake sale
A well-promoted bake sale always draws a good crowd. It can be a Christmas cookie day, follow a Mothers Day or harvest theme, or any one of dozens of seasonal themes. Ask around and compile a list of good bakers and cooks, then strategize with them on how best to put this event together with a Christian theme.

Christian raffle
Contact local businesses for donated goods and services in exchange for substantial publicity. Put together a spreadsheet with dollar values of all prizes and assign them a position in the prize hierarchy.

Select your financial goal and price raffle tickets accordingly. Bear in mind that lower-priced tickets appeal to a lot more people, but you have to sell a lot more of them to raise the same amount of money.

Sell raffle tickets not only to friends and neighbors, but also to the general public. Get permission to set up sales tables outside popular retail locations. Use big signs explaining why your Christian group is raising funds.

Use a raffle flyer that describes the top prizes, recaps the funding need the raffle ticket sales will help meet, and asks for their support.

Bingo night
This is a fun family night that, due to Bingo’s popularity, can draw several hundred people. You can find bingo game forms online or buy them from party supply stores. You can charge a small admission fee plus a dollar or two per game.

Keep things moving by using an experienced caller and a PA system so they can be easily heard above the crowd noise. You can make extra money through food and beverage sales, silent auction items, or with raffle tickets.

With a large enough crowd, you could also sell other fundraising products like two-for-one discount cards for pizza or other fast foods. Or, offer seasonal products like Christmas ornaments or custom silicone bracelets with phrases like “Got Faith?” or “What Would Jesus Do?

In some areas, you may need a license for this event, so be sure to check local regulations.

Christian Event Summary

Christian fundraising events  that are properly promoted will always raise substantial funds. And anytime you can get a big crowd together, you can include several more fundraising activities into the mix.

Divide the work so that key supporters aren’t doing all the preparations and then working the event as well. That means recruiting twice as many volunteers as you think you’ll need.

Once you’ve found a successful niche, make your Christian fundraising event an annual tradition.