Chocolate Candy Fundraisers

Fundraising candy bars, or chocolate candy fundraisers, can be a great way for youth sports teams, school clubs, and church youth groups to raise money. Everyone loves a little chocolate candy every now and then, particularly when buying a candy bar or two supports a good cause.

Chocolate candy fundraisers are easy to put together as most fundraising companies package their chocolate bars in convenient carrying cases. The only down side is that their low price means you have to sell a lot of candy bars to raise significant funds.

Fundraising Candy Bars

So, how do you do that? Here are five profit tips to help you reach your fundraiser goal.

Select good quality candy to sell
I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but name brand candy sells much better than unknown brands. Stick with chocolate candy by respected names such as Hershey, Nestle, Mars, Helen Grace, Kathryn Beich, or World’s Finest Chocolate.

That way your prospects know exactly what they’re getting and won’t be disappointed by poor quality. And that means they are much more willing to buy what you’re selling.

Tell your candy sellers what to say
No one is born knowing the ins and outs of selling. There is an art to asking for the order that psychologically prepares your prospect to say yes.

And what exactly is that magic phrasing? You need to ask for their help and use the word “because” when asking for the order. Here’s an example of what to say:

Hi, I’m Jimmie Jones and our Little League team is raising funds for new uniforms. Can you help us out by buying a few candy bars because our old uniforms are pretty worn out?

Asking for help puts the listener in an emotionally receptive state where they want to help you. Using the word because is a subconscious trigger word that provides the logical reasoning to support the emotional decision.

Sell at high-traffic locations
You can triple your sales volume by setting up tables outside high-traffic retail locations such as supermarkets, drug stores, Wal-Mart’s, etc. Get permission well ahead of time and set-up sales tables near the entrance because you want people to see you as they approach.

Put sign explaining who you are, why you’re raising funds, and what you’re selling on the front of the table and on the wall behind you. These signs will help pre-sell everyone who approaches so you don’t have to hawk products left and right all day long.

Example sign: Little League Fundraiser – $1 Candy Helps Buy New Uniforms!

Offer an alternate product
You can really increase sales levels by offering a different fundraising product for those who don’t want chocolate candy bars. A great alternative is a pizza discount card that provides the buyer with two-for-one deals on pizzas from either Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.

These retail for $10 and cost roughly $2 each, so you can really make a lot off each sale. When someone declines your candy bar offer, switch to the pizza card and tout what a great deal it is.

Example: “This pizza card is awesome because you get twenty free pizzas for $10. Can you help us out by buying one because it will really help us raise money for new uniforms?

Use rewards to motivate sales
Let’s face it, everybody performs better when they’re motivated and the same thing applies to chocolate fundraisers. You can motivate your sales force with individual seller prizes or with parties for achieving a group goal.

For instance, many suppliers offer seller incentive programs because they know they work. Prizes can be free candy, movie tickets, video games, music downloads, or anything else kids like. Make sure you have tiered rewards so everyone will strive to at least reach the first bonus level.

You can also offer something like a pizza party, swim party or cookout if the group hits it’s fundraising goal. Don’t go overboard and spend a lot of money. Just make it something that kids will like to do. To follow up the Little League example, you could do something as simple as setting up a radar gun and letting everyone see how fast they can throw the ball.

Profit tips summary
These five profit tips will definitely boost your fundraising results. With good candy to sell, knowing what to say, selling at high-traffic locations, offering alternate products, and using motivational rewards, your next candy bar fundraiser will be a smash hit!