Cheerleading Fundraiser – Cheer Clinic

Cheerleading Fundraiser – There are as many fundraising ideas for cheerleading as there are personalities on the squad. Each cheerleader is unique in her own way. Here’s a great way to harness all that individuality and energy.

Cheerleader Fundraising With A Cheer Clinic

This cheerleading fundraiser requires some advance planning and organization. It is directed primarily at high school squads, college squads, and All-Star cheer squads in that same age range. Timing is key as well since this fundraiser involves having your squad host a cheer clinic for younger, aspiring cheerleaders. Scheduling the cheer clinic will be most effective in the late summer, when most kids are out of school, and try-outs are looming on the near horizon.

Cheerleader fundraisers are necessary to provide funds for competition fees and travel, new uniforms, not to mention the cost of all the little extras that every squad needs. The funds you raise help ease the burden of that cost to the parents, school, or youth sports group.

Schedule your cheerleader clinic for late in the summer months. Make it two full days or three half days. You can even offer morning and afternoon sessions if you go with the half-day format.

Be sure to advertise your cheerleading fundraiser well ahead of time. If you are raising money for a high school squad, your primary targets are middle schools.

Contact the coaches of local middle school squads in May before school lets out for the summer. If possible, have a few girls visit each middle school’s cheer practice before their season is over to promote your cheer clinic. Consider including elementary schools too for those girls rising to middle school or junior high.

You can also include a community service project into your fundraiser, since most cheer squads perform one or more service projects over the course of the season anyway. Your cheer fundraiser could be a part of that commitment to help others.

Offer one “scholarship” per school so a less fortunate child who cannot afford the clinic fee can attend. Middle school counselors are a good source for finding that deserving scholarship student.

Your cheerleading fundraiser doesn’t have to be the same year after year. Selling coupon books, candy, or doing car washes are all time-tested solutions.

This fundraiser is a great way to raise some money, set your cheer squad up as a good example to younger children, and provide some much needed practice late in the summer.

Whether you choose this alternative as your primary source of funds for the year, or use it in conjunction with other fundraising ideas, it will surely add needed dollars to your cheer budget and keep the whole squad involved in your cheerleading fundraiser.