Charity Benefit Auction Training Courses

Want to raise more money at your next fundraising auction? These charity benefit auction training courses provide everything you need to double or triple your auction results.

Charity Benefit Auction Training Courses

Whether you are an auction novice or an experienced veteran, these 12 training courses created by charity benefit expert and professional auctioneer Sherry Truhlar deliver the goods. They are packed with extra profit tips and best practice examples drawn from hundreds of charity auctions across the country. The auction training course topics offered by Sherry are:

  • Easy First Auctions
  • Simple Auction Checkout
  • Silent Auction Marketing Savvy
  • Volunteer Management
  • Cool Class Projects
  • Creative School Auction Themes, Centerpieces, and Décor
  • Lucrative Live Auctions
  • Fabulous Fund a Need Secrets
  • Games for Auctions
  • Marketing Your Auction
  • Rockin’ Raffles for Auctions
  • Sold out Event Sponsorships

Each auction training course includes a live webinar where you can ask questions, training DVDs shipped directly to you, plus all the accompanying training materials, worksheets, spreadsheets, and documents. Everything in these courses is geared toward showing you exactly what to do to double or triple your previous auction results.

Below are some basic auction course descriptions along with links to more detailed information on each course offering. Additional training courses are also listed on the main menu of Sherry’s website under “DIY Products.”

Right click this link to download a PDF copy of the Auction Success Training Course List.

Auction Success Training Courses

Easy First Auctions – How to profitably launch a benefit auction that avoids volunteer burnout. Ticket pricing strategies and easy procurement approaches for first-year events. How to identify areas to reduce or eliminate auction expenses, and learn where to splurge. Samples of donation forms, committee structures, volunteer roles appropriate for “start-up” auctions, and sample timelines from three different styles of events.

Creative School Auction Themes, Centerpieces, and Décor – Simple to sophisticated designs, ideas, & activities that make ANY size auction memorable and profitable. From the nation’s most popular themes to the easiest to produce … from the most clever to the most underused. Also included will be the secrets that make your table decor and centerpieces PROFIT activities.

Silent Auction Marketing Savvy – Covers important topics such as how many items should you have, the ideal bidding increment, how to integrate mobile bidding, how to use auction software to raise more money, the best way to write item descriptions, how to slip incremental gains into your silent auction to garner a few hundred to a few thousand extra dollars, and many more marketing tips.

Cool Class Projects – 100+ kid-created items that sell for top dollar in benefit auctions – Learn how schools (and some forward-thinking nonprofits) use children to create items that sell for big bucks. For older kids – 6th, 7th, and 8th grade – Sherry shows projects ideal for their age. These are truly masterpieces! And these are the kinds of projects that parents buy for big bucks.

Simple Auction Checkout – How to run a manual auction checkout. Whether or not you own software, flawless checkout REQUIRES organization. Learn how to run your checkout by looking at real-life registration and checkout teams in action. Supplemental materials abound — including a bid sheet that tallies bid increments for you.

Volunteer Management – Recruiting, inspiring, and efficiently working with auction volunteers. Where to find volunteers, how to ask for help in ways that inspires others to commit, job descriptions, how to run efficient meetings, plus tips on organizing your volunteers. I’ll share the strategies I’ve seen employed by some of the most well-organized auction galas.

Games for Auctions – Income-boosting activities that involve guests or freshen up tired events. Learn 15+ activities incorporated into auctions large and small that get guests involved … and these are guests who might not otherwise donate! Do you have a tony event? Not all games are “low end.” Discover some higher-priced activities appropriate for upscale events that pay off big-time!

Sold out Event Sponsorships – Using creative benefits and outside-the-box strategies to close sponsorship deals. Old school sponsorships versus new school approach, plus how to identify, locate, and meet new sponsors. How to make your website “sponsorship ready” so companies are naturally attracted to your event. How to be prepared for your sponsorship meeting and how to WOW them!

Marketing Your Auction – Implementing your online strategy (e.g. email, social media, websites, etc.) to drive revenue event-wide. Sell more tickets, raffles, sponsorships, raise bids and more! The best ways to promote your event, items, and offers. Why not knowing how to promote an auction is the #1 problem with most nonprofit auctions. Successful auction marketing campaigns that you can copy.

Lucrative Live Auctions – A from-the-trenches guide to better vocal auctions. What to sell in a live auction (top 5 categories). Procurement tips, the right number of items for your live auction, how to improve bidder interaction, the right time to hold your live auction, and getting guests (even loud ones) to pay attention and bid. Plus, how to market the live items for maximum sales.

Fabulous Fund a Need Secrets – How to double your benefit auction revenues in 15 minutes. Fund a Needs, aka Paddle Raises, are virtually a “must” at today’s galas, oftentimes raising more money than the auction itself. Learn how to inspire giving through the latest techniques using this tool. My formula for writing a compelling “ask” plus psychological trigger phrases to flip on your guests’ “must donate” switch.

Rockin’ Raffles for Auctions – How to select, structure, and sell the most profitable raffles for your gala for the least amount of work. If raffles are legal in your city, offer one! It can attract donors unlikely to give in other ways. However, you’ll want to select and price your raffle so it’s easy to oversee. Plus, you’ll receive my four Raffle Boosters that help you sell more tickets, more easily, for more money.

About Sherry Truhlar:
Benefit auctioneer Sherry Truhlar’s entertaining stories and advice are often picked up by publications (e.g. Town & Country, The Washington Post Magazine, AUCTIONEER, The Eleusis, The Virginia Auctioneer) and television (e.g. E! Style, TLC) where she inspires and teaches volunteers how to hit new fundraising records in their auction galas.

She is thought to be the only auctioneer who has achieved a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation and is also a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI). She holds a professional certificate in event management from George Washington University, the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association, an MA degree from the University of Wollongong (Australia), and BA and BS degrees from Emporia State University.

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