Cards – Scratch Fundraiser

Cards – Scratch Fundraiser

Description: Immediate sale via scratching off a donation amount within a predefined range, usually $0.50 to $3.00. Focus is on collecting many small donations, which requires contacting many people. Doesn’t appeal very much to non-relatives or parents co-workers.

Best Suited For: Small/Medium

Prospective Customers: Family and friends

Comments: Really is a donation request. Best to give coupons with each donation. Also, do an overlay that produces more revenue per prospect.

Feel Good Rating: Two stars

Be sure to read this article about doing a scratch card fundraiser:

Scratch Card Fundraising – Tips on raising funds quickly with scratch card fundraising – Youth sports teams love this easy fundraiser because each player can easily raise $100 or more.

Cards – Scratch Fundraiser Ratings

Financial Aspects (1 – 10 scale): Profitability Ranking 8 Average Unit Price 2 Dollar Volume Per Participant 6 Percentage to Organization 9 Total Dollars to Organization 6 Subtotal (maximum of 50)


Pros & Cons (1 – 5 scale): Community Impression 3 Organizational Impact 4 Quality of Deliverables 1 Risks 4 Hidden Costs (freight, etc.) 5 Subtotal (maximum of 25)


Commitment Required (1 – 5 scale): Preparation Time 5 Selling Effort 4 Collecting Funds 4 Processing Orders 5 Delivering Goods 5 Subtotal (maximum of 25)


Overall Ranking:


(On a scale of 1 to 100)

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