Capital Campaign Strategies

Here you will find capital campaign strategies and tips specifically for non-profit fundraising. These fundraising articles feature how-to tips and techniques for running a profitable capital campaign can get you started on your mission.

Whether you are raising funds for a cause like cancer research, or supplementing your church’s building fund, sometimes discovering what you don’t know is a great start.

When you are asking for someone’s help whether they are a volunteer or a major donor, always keep in mind THEIR perspective. You might begin by reading the article entitled “What’s In It For Me”. The ideas presented there hold true whether you are raising six figures or more for a large non-profit organization, or a church raising money for a new addition.

Relationships are a key component in capital campaigns. That’s why major fundraiser consultants recommend doing a lot of “friend raising” activities to build your network of contacts and potential supporters.

You can also do donor acquisition mailings to build your donor base before you start a major campaign to raise capital. For more in-depth coverage of those sorts of approaches, check out our deep selection of articles on fundraising letters.

If you are considering bringing in an outside consultant, you may find the article “Hiring A Fundraising Professional” helpful. Please feel free to share your own experiences and ideas for other readers in the comments below each article.

And another question that always comes up when talking campaign strategies is how to find more donors.  That’s often the million dollar question for capital campaigns, so why not start with a look at this article: How To Find New Donors.

More Capital Campaign Tips

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