Candy Fundraisers

If you are looking for fundraising candy ideas to raise money, here is a list of the top candy fundraisers for schools, churches, and youth sports teams. When picking the best fundraiser products to sell, note that there is always a tradeoff between the price point of the candy you’re offering and how many items that you can sell.

For instance, most fundraising candy prices range from $1 to $3 per item for the items sold in the carrier boxes. The higher the price, the lower the unit sales numbers. What you want to do is to maximize your overall sales revenue because the profit margins usually average 50% net profit for most candy items.

So where does that leave us in the search for the best candy fundraisers? Looking for just the right mix of product, profitability, portability, and ease of sale. Which candy fundraising idea you choose also depends because there are different best choices for candy fundraisers for schools, for churches, and for youth sports teams.

Candy Fundraisers For Schools

The best approach for schools is to use the order taker brochure sales approach. The sales brochure gives your supporters a much wider range of candy products  to choose from, including gourmet items with much higher prices. Plus, it allows for higher sales volume per supporter and easier order handling for younger students.

Look for a supplier with a proven track record and multiple brochures to choose from. In fact, many schools pick two brochures and offer both product lines to their supporters.

Extra profit tip: Create a one-page fundraising flyer that explains why you are raising funds and also emphasizes that donations are welcome as well. That way, people that don’t like candy are reminded by the flyer to just donate rather than say no.

Candy Fundraisers For Churches

The best fundraiser candy choice for churches is to offer a high-quality product such as fudge (Heavenly fudge?) or gourmet chocolate. You can also go with the so-called designer chocolate where your group gets its own private brand with custom labels. Just be sure to stick with really good products and avoid both the generic and the household name brands.

While frozen cookie dough has been a big seller for years, the price points are getting too high for most people to justify spending $20 for a tub of cookie dough. Pick exclusive high-end goodies and you’ve got a fund raising winner.

Extra profit tip: Offer an alternative product that’s easy to sell and has a high profit margin. Pizza fundraising discount cards cost $1 or $2 and sell for $10. Your supporters get 2-for-1 pizzas every time they use their card. Available from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns. Some people will buy both, but offering it will double your net results.

Candy Fundraisers For Youth Sports Teams

Youth sports groups are best served by using carrier boxes of candy, preferably the heat-resistant items if the weather is hot. Stick with the big name brand candy and buy the variety pack boxes because not everyone likes the same thing.

The best way to sell fundraising candy is to set up a sales table outside a high-traffic retail location such as a grocery store, home improvement store, WalMart, etc. Work multiple locations in two-hour shifts on back-to-back weekends so that all your sellers get a two-hour stint with lots of prospects.

Extra profit tip: Use big, colorful signs that say who you are and why you are raising funds. Give the kids a simple sales script and tell them to smile and make eye contact when they say this: “Hi, Our baseball team is raising funds for new equipment. Can you help us out by buying a candy bar because we really need the new helmets and bats.”

Bonus extra profit tip: Use the pizza discount card option mentioned above. Two-for-one pizzas are a great deal plus you make $8 or $9 per sale.

Good luck with your next candy fundraiser!