Candy Fundraiser

A popular type of candy fundraiser is a candy sale offering immediate delivery. These often take the form of a prepackaged box of candy bars with a low selling price of a dollar or two. The idea is that the candy sales process will be quick and easy with each seller selling a case of candy bars or more, while the group retains roughly 50% of the total revenue. These candy fundraisers are particularly popular with youth sports organizations.

Candy Fundraiser: Pros & Cons


One stop sale
These immediate delivery sales have several advantages. First, there is no need for a return visit with a future deliverable. All sales are concluded on the spot, which means that you?ll need fewer volunteers since all product is handed out at the kickoff meeting.

Funds in hand
Second, all funds are collected immediately. That makes this style of fundraising a perfect approach for a group that needs its funds quickly. Each transaction is concluded and the money collected can be turned in regularly.

Easy to do
Third, it works well with a younger sales group because it?s relatively easy to do and there is the immediate gratification of a quick sale. Therefore, kids regard this type of selling as more fun than taking orders for future delivery.

No order forms
Fourth, there are no complicated order forms to fill out and tally later. As a result, organizational bookkeeping is straightforward.


Limited selection
There are some disadvantages to this type of fundraising. First, selection is usually limited to what the seller can comfortably carry. This limited selection means that the items being sold might not appeal to everyone.

Low price points
Second, the items being sold are usually low dollar value merchandise, which in turn places a strict upper limit on the funds raised per seller and per potential supporter. Remember that the key to successful fundraising is maximizing your revenue.

Returns – open cases
Another disadvantage of an immediate product sale type of fundraiser is that there are often strict limitations on product returns.

Products packaged for immediate sale are usually in case quantities and no partial returns are allowed. This means that an organization needs to consolidate their leftover inventory and find a way to sell it quickly to get the best results.

One of the biggest disadvantages of these fundraisers is the requirement to prepay the merchandise. Your group will need to have funds available to cover the product costs ahead of time and then be paid back from the results.

To recap, here are the pluses and minuses of fundraising candy sales:


  • Shorter timeframe to conclusion
  • Low item price means easy sales
  • One stop sale
  • No deliveries
  • Simple order tallying
  • Fun for younger sellers
  • Fewer volunteers needed


  • Lower revenue due to low prices
  • Net profit is less
  • Returns limited to whole cases
  • Upfront payment to supplier
  • Limited selection

Candy Fundraiser Choices
All the major candy companies have some type of fundraiser pack they make available through distributors. Hershey, Nestle, and Mars all have case units of their most popular candy available in either $0.50, $1, or $2 sizes. There are also a number of gourmet candy bars available as well such as those sold under the brand Worlds Finest Chocolate.

Other popular candy items include gourmet lollipops and hard candy such as Jolly Ranchers. These don’t suffer from high temperatures the way chocolate does. The big advantage here is selling a well-known product at prices close to retail.

Check with the supplier you choose for multiple offerings that will satisfy most every candy lover!