Candy Fundraiser Sales

There are a lot of little tricks to candy fundraiser sales. You want to offer a fundraising product with a brand name that people recognize, sell candy that’s fairly priced compared to regular retail, work with a company that doesn’t stick you with huge amounts of unsold product, and instruct your candy sellers on how to make a sale every time.

What you really want to do is maximize your candy fundraiser results and minimize the hassles. Here’s some tips on what to do.

Candy Fundraiser Sales Tips

How To Maximize Your Results:

Overlay with a supplement
If you’re doing a candy-based fundraiser, why not supplement it by also offering a fundraising discount card? Not everyone wants candy, but most people are interested in saving money at fast-food restaurants and other participating merchants.

Fast food offers predominate in these cards, so families with children will recognize the value and be eager to spend $10 to save $20 or more. Many prospects will buy both the candy and the card so your revenue will definitely increase with the combined approach.

Organize well
Make sure your participants know what the group goal is as well as what their own expected results should be. Run these programs for a two-week maximum. Longer than that and sellers lose interest.

Give feedback to the sellers on a regular basis and have your calling tree monitor sales results at least twice a week. Be sure to offer prizes to reward maximum effort.

Sales Scripts
Give each seller a selling script detailing what to say (and what not to say). Don’t expect everyone to be a natural salesperson. Give them the tools they need to be successful.

See the article on sales scripts for more details.

Quality goods
Offer name brand merchandise if possible. Be sure that your offering is priced fairly. Would you want to buy it for that price?

More people will buy if they recognize the product as a good deal with a little extra markup built in. Given the choice between a national brand and a generic brand for the same price, which would you choose?

Candy Fundraiser Sales Summary

In conclusion, fundraising with immediate product delivery is a good fit for certain situations, particularly those where you need to raise funds quickly and you don’t have a large group of adult volunteers to help.

Boost your revenue by offering quality goods at fair prices and consider doing a supplemental offering of a discount card or a pizza card at the same time. After all, your sellers are already making the calls, so why not give them another offering? If you do one type of fundraiser every year, consider selling something different this time around.

Watch out for common mistakes like ending up with partially sold packages that are not returnable or creating a low-end product sale that seem like drudgery to your participants. Make it fun by offering items that are easy to sell due to brand name recognition and fair pricing.

Maximize your candy fundraiser sales results by also selling higher ticket items such as discount cards versus smaller revenue items like candy bars. Get the law of large numbers on your side.

Equip your sales force for success by providing well crafted sales scripts and pitching bonus offers such as one discount card for $10 or two for $18. Any time you can get extra revenue and profit from each customer with a quality product, do it.

If you keep it fun for your participants, offer a good value to your customers, and make a solid effort, you can expect excellent results with your next candy fundraiser.

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