Sample Canadian Fundraiser Letter

Here is a sample Canadian fundraiser letter that shows you a good fundraising letter template on which to model your own donation request. Use this sample to fashion your own letter using the basics included here.

Focus on these key points: Who, What, When, Where, and How.

Donation Request For Canadian Environmental Fundraiser

Honorourable Gordon Balser
Minister of Energy
Bank of Montreal Bldg.
PO Box 2664
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3P7

RE: ENVIROTHON – Nova Scotia

Dear Minister Balser:

On behalf of the Nova Scotia Forestry Association and the ENVIROTHON program, I would like to formally request a financial contribution to the ENVIROTHON program from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

We are currently working on the development of inclusion of Energy, waste reduction, and air quality into the ENVIROTHON program, with Energy being the main focus for the next couple of years.

As you may already know, significant progress has been made in defining environmental education and its goals over the past twenty-five years. Most K through 12 environmental education is delivered in non-formal programs outside traditional curriculum and instruction and is exemplified by the Provincial and Canon ENVIROTHON programs. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of ecological principles in aquatic ecology, soils and land use, forestry, wildlife, and a current environmental issue each year.

Annually, close to 10,000 Canadian high school students participate in the ENVIROTHON. And with over 500,000 participants from across North America, the Envirothon program has quickly become a primary vehicle for promoting environmental literacy.

We are currently seeking a $2,500.00 contribution to the program from your department. This contribution will recognize the Department of Energy as a major sponsor and help to develop an ?Energy? component into the ENVIROTHON program.

Please feel free to contact me so we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet to discuss this further. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward speaking with you.


Debbie Totten
Executive Director
Nova Scotia Forestry Association