Business Donation Request – Fundraiser Source List

Looking for a list of business donation request source links? Download a free 14-page PDF version of our auction donation source list of national businesses. Download link is at the bottom of the page.

Business Donation Request – List Of Donation Sources From

The link for each business is to their donation request form or to the page where they provide details on how to request a donation by letter, fax, or donation website page. We also provide a short description of the standard donation each business provides to qualifying non-profit groups along with any exclusions or restrictions that apply.

For example, some national businesses restrict their donations to nonprofit groups located in the communities that they serve, i.e where they have retail locations.

Other companies restrict donations to nonprofit organizations that provide certain types of community services such as literacy, healthcare, job training, or helping low-income families.

By using this business donation request list of contacts, most groups should be able to quickly find at least 50 donated items that they can use for fundraising purposes like auctions or raffles. Note that some companies will allow their donated item to be used as a raffle prize and others specifically prohibit raffle usage.

Other companies prohibit their business donation being offered in any type of online auction, given away as door prize, used as an incentive, or being used by an organization that is raising money for another organization.

Some businesses, particularly restaurant chains, will provide a $25 gift card to use for raising funds. Other companies, such as Nike, will only offer a product donation.

And then there are some truly wonderful donations from companies like the Walt Disney Company. They provide public K-12 schools and qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit groups with a standard gift of four, one-day Park Hopper® tickets to Disneyland or Disney World to be used for fundraising purposes. That’s a $384 donation right there.

The business donation request list includes links to some of our most popular auction tips and sample donation request letters that you can use for local businesses.

Also included are links to three donation clearinghouses that will match your nonprofit group with donations from major businesses. Theses companies prefer to use a single supplier to fulfill all their donation requests to charity groups. And that makes it easy for you to get even more donations for your fundraising event.

To download a PDF copy of the donation source list to your computer, simply “right click” the link below, select “File Save As” from the popup menu, and then choose where you want to save it (desktop, file folder, etc.) : Business Donation Request – Fundraiser Source List (PDF format, 384kb).

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