Brick Fundraising

Brick fundraising works well for churches, hospitals, schools and nonprofit organizations. Here’s how fundraising with bricks works: By using custom laser-engraved donor bricks, the group can reward it’s supporters with permanent recognition in a prominent spot in exchange for a donation.

Brick fundraisers usually involve a walkway, entryway, or wall that incorporates the personalized bricks into the overall design. These projects are usually used to fund donations to a capital campaign.

Custom Laser Engraved Brick Fundraisers

Getting started
The first thing you need to decide is how large your brick fundraiser should be in terms of project area and design. The size and style of the project will determine how much money you can raise.

It’s often a good idea to incorporate room for further growth or future add-ins to the project. For instance, a walkway made with custom bricks can be extended each year or a meditation garden can have additional plantings or benches added, each one offering new fundraising opportunities.

Next, you need to select the style and size of bricks for your project. Sizes range from small brick pavers designed to top an existing sidewalk all the way up to 16×16 paving stones in a variety of colors.

Obviously, your choice will depend on what style incorporates well with your project design and how much money you want to raise. You can charge more for the larger sizes because they allow more text and have higher visibility.

Once you’ve finalized your project and set your prices, you need to get the word out to all possible supporters. Your newsletter and email list are a good place to start, but don’t stop there.

You need major publicity to raise major funds, so put together a press release or media kit. Include the standard information found in every press release, but emphasize in your summary paragraph the beautiful nature of your project and detail why you’re raising funds.

Include eye-catching pictures and design drawings because you want to stand out as a newsworthy story. Follow up your press release by calling all the major media outlets and offer them exclusive photo opps and onsite interviews.

Do your project in stages. That gives people more time to join in and also allows for additional publicity coverage. You can also offer big donors exclusive rights to personalize major features of your design, such as stone benches or fountains. Then feature those donors in follow up press releases. photo opps, etc.

Brick fundraising pricing
Donor pricing is going to vary widely by project design, brick size, brick placement, market potential, funds needed, and community interest. Charge what the market will bear, but consider multiple price points to attract the widest possible donor base.

By offering an affordable entry level price point, your project can quickly gather fundraising momentum. Word of mouth from proud participants will generate even more buzz in the community about your project.

Focus attention on personal contacts with potential large donors. Arrange meetings in their homes or offices where you can show design plans, project pictures, and offer exclusive naming rights to the highest visibility locations.

Publicize your largest donors in prominent ways because everyone loves to be recognized for their charitable contributions.

A design project incorporating custom, laser-engraved bricks is a great way to raise funds for any cause. They offer a beautiful way to recognize donors for contributing to a capital campaign.

Donor bricks can also be used for straightforward fund raising to pay for a new school sidewalk or church meditation garden. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Get started on a brick fundraising project today!