Best Fundraisers

Here are the best fundraisers: the top producing fundraising products, event ideas, auctions and raffles that produce the best results.

Best Fundraisers: Products, Events and Raffles

Best Fundraising Products

Fundraising Cards – Fundraising cards are easy fundraisers – Extra profit tips for discount card fundraisers to double your profits.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Cookie dough program overview plus companies and suppliers.

Candle Fundraiser – Five ways to maximize your candle fundraiser profits – Candle fundraising tips that really work to double or triple your results.

Top Five Fundraisers – Fundraising products that are easy to sell and always successful – Five top fundraisers for schools and youth sports teams.

Fundraising Events

Casino Night – How to raise funds with a Casino Night fundraiser – A fun fundraising event for adults where games of chance help charity.

Golf Tournament – How to raise more funds with a charity golf event – Tips for planning a charity golf tournament – Publicity, prizes, pledges and planning ahead are crucial.

Mardi Gras Night – Have a great time with a Mardi Gras fundraiser – This popular fundraising event is lots of fun and a big moneymaker.

Pink Flamingo Fundraiser – Profit tips for a pink flamingo fundraiser – Using a multiple flocking approach with this easy fundraiser produces hundreds of dollars per day.

Poker Tournament – Raise funds with a charity poker tournament offering Texas Hold’em – How to put together a fun fundraising event.

Best Fundraising Raffles

Cow Chip Bingo – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money.

Golf Ball Drop Raffle – Raise funds fast with a golf ball drop raffle – Fun fundraising event features $10,000 cash prize for closest to the pin winner.

Car Raffle – Tips on organizing a successful car raffle – How to advice on maximizing profits with high quality prizes, ticket sales, and event planning.

Rubber Duck Race – How to organize a rubber duck race as your fundraising event – Profit boosters for your rubber duck fundraiser that can double or triple your results.

Cash Calendar Fundraiser – Combining a cash raffle with a calendar fundraiser – Understanding the appeal of a cash calendar fundraiser.

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