Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Another product offering a unique fundraising idea for schools, churches and youth sports teams is a bed sheets fundraiser. Selling bed sheets to raise funds is a great way to raise a lot of money per participant, but it does take some sales effort to hit really big fundraising numbers.

Bed sheets fundraiser

Your fundraising goal when doing a bed sheet fundraiser should be to sell at least five sets of sheets per participant. Most fundraising bed sheets cost between $20 to $40 per set and retail for $35 to $60 each.

With an average profit per sale of roughly $15 to $20 and five sets sold per fundraiser participant, that means you could raise $75 to $100 per seller. Note that I didn’t say “easily raise” because when you are selling bed sheets as your fundraising product, you have to get people excited about the sheets and you have to close the sale.

Bed Sheet fundraisers are an order-taker brochure sale utilizing a swatch of sample fabrics in multiple colors. You need to select a fundraising supplier that offers high-quality sheets, colorful brochures, and nice samples.

The look and feel is extremely important to most women, so a small group such as a cheer squad might want to have a full set of sheets to show people how well made they are, how deep the corner pockets are, and all the other things that influence a purchasing decision on bed sheets.

You can also look at how direct sales groups like Tupperware and pampered Chef do product demonstrations. When people can actually get their hands on things and try them out, they are much more likely to buy. So, you could even do an in-home bed sheets party to help get people excited about the product.

If your fundraiser participants are selling to family friends and neighbors, its always a good idea to teach them a basic sales script. Other articles here on Fundraiser Help go into a lot of detail about how to sell fundraising products, so I’ll keep this part short.

Your sellers should have a two-sentence sales pitch that says why they are raising funds, asks people for their help, and uses the psychological trigger word “because” to help emotionally justify a purchase.

Example fundraising sales script: “Hi, I’m Jessica Jones and our cheer squad is raising funds with a bed sheets fundraiser. Can you help us out because we’re raising money for a trip to Regionals?”

That’s all you need to say. After that you just smile and maintain eye contact while holding out the brochure and sample swatches. It may not sound like much, but using the right “ask” will double or triple your fundraising product sales every time.