Bake Sale Fundraiser

A bake sale fundraiser is a great way for church groups, clubs, and elementary school groups to raise much needed funds. A bake sale is easy to put together and with a little extra effort, you can turn yours into a fun event.

The basic premise is that everyone in the group brings in homemade baked goods that are sold to other supporters or the general public. The bake sale fundraiser can be part of a bigger fundraising event or a standalone moneymaker in it’s own right.

Fun twists
There are a number of ways you can add some extra fun to your event. Adding a musical cakewalk where the person standing on the winning square when the music stops wins a free cake is one way to liven up a baked good sale. You can sell cakewalk tickets for $1 each or reward customers with a free cakewalk opportunity.

A themed approach such as a Christmas Cookie Exchange can become a much anticipated event. In this example, everyone brings in several dozen of their best Christmas cookies and attendees get a standard 10-ounce box that they can fill to the rim with a half dozen cookies from each platter.

The twist is that selection order is based on a ticket drawing, not time of arrival. You sell “cookie raffle” tickets ahead of time and have everyone waiting for their number to be drawn. And of course, while they are waiting, you can do silent auction bids on other delectable baked goods, gift certificates, and other donated items.

Another fun twist is providing a guest speaker such as a cookbook author or noted food columnist. Providing a podium and chairs isn’t a lot of effort and the extra publicity will draw a much larger crowd.

You could also have local chefs there preparing special foods for customers to sample. You could turn it into an Iron Chef battle or just pure entertainment along with scrumptious appetizers.

Bake sale fundraiser profit tips

Besides the silent auction mentioned above, there are a number of ways to boost profits at your bake sale fundraiser. You can sell raffle tickets to all attendees or include them as part of an admission fee. Even $1 a head can really add up. Raffle prizes can be goods or services donated by local businesses, premium baked goods, or even a new iPod or television set.

You can also sell other fundraising products such as $10 discount cards that offer two-for-one deals on fast food, pizza, or Subway sandwiches. Those have a wide appeal and profit margins are 60% or more.

Any event that attracts a crowd should always include multiple ways to raise funds and your bake sale is no exception. Think of other related items that you can auction off or can sell at a good markup.

You could easily add Pampered Chef or Tupperware fundraiser to your event by setting up some display tables and demonstration space. Their consultants will do all the work while your group gets a big cut of the profits.

You could also partner with local businesses such as specialty wine shops, butchers, kosher delis, bakeries, and trendy hot spots to offer even more food-related items for sale. You can charge a booth fee or just get a slice of the profits.

Promotion ideas
Publicity will greatly expand attendance at your bake sale fundraiser, so be sure to promote it with posters, flyers, and roadside signs. If you have a group newsletter and email list, definitely use them to get the word out well ahead of time.

Having a unique bake sale approach is something else you can publicize. A guest speaker, a smorgasbord of food offerings, or demonstrations of the latest kitchen gadgets are all newsworthy angles.

For larger events, do a press release emphasizing that newsworthy angle and distribute it to all the radio and television stations in your market. For newspapers, include a couple of interesting photographs that they could run along with a news story.

Bake sale fundraiser wrap-up
Bake sales are a great way to raise funds. They are low cost and easy to put together. Make it fun by adding a theme or family activities such as a cakewalk.

Always include as many extra moneymaking offerings as you can. The more attractions you add such as guest speakers, product demos, raffles, or celebrity chefs, the bigger crowd you’ll draw.